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Rare Charles I Bristol Halfcrown, 1643

Item Reference: GM48630

Rare Charles I Bristol Halfcrown, 1643

Charles I (1625-1649), Halfcrown, 1643, Bristol Mint, with Oxford reverse die, King on horseback left, large banded plume above, all within beaded inner circle, legend surrounding, initial mark acorn and stops, rev Declaration in two lines at centre between parallel lines, date below, three Oxford plumes above, beaded circle and legend surrounding, initial mark three pellets, 13.74g (Bull 637/7 plate coin; Brooker 973/-; N.2487; S.3005).

Uneven shape, toned a bold very fine for this unusual issue, very rare.

ex David Dupree Collection, purchased Spink 1989, offered through Spink Numismatic Circular over succeeding years. Spink Numismatic Circular, December 1992, item 7490 Alan Morris Collection, sold through Lloyd Bennett over last decade