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Rare Charles I Shrewsbury Half Pound

Item Reference: Z55793

Rare Charles I Shrewsbury Half Pound

Charles I (1625-49), Half-Pound, 1642, Shrewsbury Mint, no initial mark either side, King on horseback left with flowing sash, plain groundline below, Shrewsbury plume in field, legend and borders surrounding with colon stops, rev declaration in two straight lines, value and three Shrewsbury plumes above, date below, pellet stops in legend, 73.88g (Brooker 802; Morrieson D2; N.2366; S.2922).

Some light digs and scratches both sides, rim imperfection, die flaw on horse hoof, struck to a heavier weight than usual, at nearly 25% more, otherwise toned very fine, unusual and rare.

This intriguing piece at first glance could be mistaken for a Pound due to the extra thickness in the weight; perhaps it was struck as a VIP issue for presentation as it was surely not destined for circulation and if it had been released as such it would no doubt have been melted down, or severely clipped by the unscrupulous.