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James I, First Coinage Crown

Item Reference: Z54380

James I, First Coinage Crown

James I (1603-1625), first coinage (1603-4), Crown, King on horseback right within beaded circle, legend and initial mark thistle (1603-4) surrounding both sides, rev quartered shield of arms, hand engraved around shield within beaded circle, “THOs. STAMP BORN FEB: 17th 1769.”, 29.19g (Cooper dies II/III; N.2070 VR; S.2643).

The coin toned fine and very rare, interesting biographical information about the engraving below, very unusual to see on a hammered crown.

From a genealogical internet search Thomas Stamp, born 17th February 1769 in Sunderland, was the son of Thomas Stamp a Master Mariner (therefore presumably of financial wealth to give a high value engraved coin as a present). He was the 6th child and 3rd son of Thomas and had an adult christening on 20th January 1790 just before his 21st birthday. Married Hannah Elliot at Bishopwearmouth 4th February 1811, having 7 sons and one daughter. Thomas died 20th November 1836 aged 67. It is not often so much information can be gleaned from the information on an engraved coin