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Roman Coins and Their Values. Volume IV.

Item Reference: BKS785

Roman Coins and Their Values. Volume IV.

Sear, D. Roman Coins and Their Values. Volume IV. The Tetrarchies and the Rise of the House of Constantine: The Collapse of Paganism and the Triumph of Christianity, Diocletian to Constantine I, AD 284-337. 2011. 552 pages, b/w illustrations in the text. Casebound, jacket.

The most comprehensive catalogue of the series ever produced for the coin collector, this five volume work spans almost eight centuries or Roman currency, from its republican beginnings in the early 3rd century BC down to the Barbarian conquest of the western provinces and the commencement of the sole eastern (Byzantine) empire in the late 5th century AD.

In addition to detailed descriptions of over 4400 coins, this fourth volume contains a wealth of biographical and detailed numismatic information, as well as notes on the historical significance of many of the individual types.

Valuations are provided in a range of grades and in two currencies (British pounds and US dollars) and the work is fully illustrated throughout with high quality photographic images.