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Greek Coins & Their Values Vol. 1.

Item Reference: BKS448

Greek Coins & Their Values Vol. 1.

Sear, D. Greek Coins and Their Values. Volume 1: Europe. London 1979. Reprinted 2000. 318 pages, profusely illustrated, valuations. Casebound, jacket.

This two-volume set is now a standard reference for collectors of ancient Greek coins. Over 8,000 coins are identified, and arranged geographically from west to east and by city-state. The two volumes cover all coins from the main Archaic, Classical and Hellenistic periods.

A price is given for each coin listed, it is illustrated throughout and also included are many maps showing the many regions of the ancient Greek world.

The introductory chapters are particularly useful, providing information on different Greek coin types, the principal deities, weight standards and denominations, dating as well as a table showing the ancient alphabets and a useful bibliography.