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Roman Silver Coins. Volume II.

Item Reference: BKS437

Roman Silver Coins. Volume II.

Sear, D. Roman Silver Coins. Volume II. Tiberius to Commodius. London, third edition, 2004. 255 pages, illustrations throughout, valuations. Cloth, gilt, jacket.

This useful series of five books deals exclusively with Roman Silver coinage. The first volume begins at 280 BC, and the fifth volume finished with the reign of Romulus Augustus.

For the collector of Roman silver, these books provide a comprehensive list of the main types. The republican coins are listed alphabetically by the moneyers' family names, and the Imperial coins are listed reign by reign and alphabetically by reverse legend of each emperor.

The list numbers in these volumes correspond to Cohens' Déscription Hisctorique des Monnaies Frappés sous L'Empire Romain.