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Shipbuilding Share Certificates (2)

Item Reference: FG44181

Shipbuilding Share Certificates (2)

Great Britain, Sunderland, Sir James Laing and Sons Limited, Preference Share Certificate for 100 shares at £10 (shares numbered 101-200), 21 January 1899, no.2, red and orange, to Sir James Laing of Thorncliffe (shipbuilder and son of the founder Phillip Laing, 1770-1854), printed by Andrew Reid of Newcastle; Ordinary Share Certificate for 100 shares at £10 (shares numbered 1308-1407), 21 January 1899, no.21, green and yellow, to Mr Arthur Laing (relation of Sir James Laing), printed by Andrew Reid of Newcastle, cross-cancelled by hand 9 September 1904.

Both about uncirculated and very attractive, unique items.

James Laing took over the business at the age of 20 in 1843. Under his leadership the business prospered and he was knighted in 1897. The company built high class passenger liners and in 1898 became a limited liability company. They became a subsidiary of Sunderland Shipbuilding Dry Docks and Engineering in 1954. (2 Certificates)