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Siculo-Punic, Silver Tetradrachm

Item Reference: C189014081

Siculo-Punic, Silver Tetradrachm

Sicily, Siculo-Punic (c. 320-300 BC) Silver Tetradrachm.

Obverse: Head of Tanit-Persephone facing left, wearing a wreath of barley and triple-pendant earrings, surrounded by three four dolphins.
Reverse: Head of a horse facing left, palm tree behind, 'mmhnt (People of the Camp) in Punic characters below.

About Extremely Fine and a particularly well-centred strike. A pleasing dark collection toning with attractive iridescence in the fields.


Boston 496. SNG Fitzwilliam 1484. Jenkins SNR 56, 1977, Series 3a, 186 (same dies, O55/R163.)

From a Private German collection.

The legend means "people of the army camp". It is therefore probably a reference to the Carthaginian military administration in Sicily, and struck to pay their mercenary armies.