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SNG Denmark. The Royal Collection

Item Reference: BKS794

SNG Denmark. The Royal Collection

SNG Denmark. The Royal Collection of Coins and Medals. (1941-1977) 1981 reprint. The complete set of forty-three volumes bound in eight, listing 22,012 coins and with 583 high quality plates, this is the most extensive and comprehensive SNG series ever published. Covering, Italy: Sicily, Thrace, Macedonia; Greece: Thessaly to the Aegean Islands, Bosporus, Lesbos, Ionia, Caria and Lydia, Phrygia to Cilicia, Cyprus to India, Spain, Gaul, North Africa, Syria, Mauretania, Alexandria to Cyrenaica and Egypt to the Ptolemies.

Highly important and indispensable for the Greek collector, historian or academic.

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