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SNG Greece 7. The Kikpe Collection

Item Reference: BKS1102

SNG Greece 7.  The Kikpe Collection

SNG Greece 7. Penna, V. & Stoyas, Y. The Kikpe Collection of Bronze Coins. Volume I. Athens, 2012. Quarto, pp. 291, 126 plates, each with page of accompanying text. Casebound, gilt.

The present volume is the first part of the KIKPE Numismatic Collection in the SNG series. The Numismatic Collection of the Welfare Foundation for Social and Cultural Affairs (KIKPE) has in its collection more than 4,000 coins of all periods.

The principal feature of this collection is the almost exclusive presence of bronze and copper coins. The 1,233 ancient Hellenic and Hellenized coins published here represent a geographical area extending from Hispania to Bactria and India.

The 'terminus ante quem' for this volume was decided to be coins dated after the years 25-27 BC. Coins in the KIKPE Collection after this date will be showcased in a second SNG volume to be produced at a later date and which will cover the Roman Provincial issues and the contemporary kingdoms. This welcome addition to the Sylloge Nummorum Graecorum series will be of interest to numismatists, coin collectors, scholars and students of both Greek history and archaeology.