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Suffolk, Cavalry Token, 1794

Item Reference: Z54479

Suffolk, Cavalry Token, 1794

Great Britain, Suffolk, Blything, Sir John Rous (1st Earl of Strabroke, 1750-1827, who suceeded to his family estate at Henham Hall in 1771. Rous was commanding officer of the first troop of the Loyal Suffolk Yeomanry Calvalry), Copper Halfpenny Trade Token, dated 1794, obverse: a mounted yeoman with raised sword, the horse galloping left, LOYAL SUFFOLK YEOMAN around, FIRST TROOP below, reverse: castle and SUFFOLK at centre within a crowned garter, LIBERTY LOYALTY PROPERTY on the garter, BLYTHING HUNDRED HALFPENNY around, edge GOD SAVE THE KING AND CONSTITUTION, diam. 29mm.

Henham Hall was destroyed by fire in 1773 and rebuilt in the 1790s, it is possible that these tokens were used to help pay for the workforce used in the rebuild which cost in the region of £20,000 (Dalton & Hamer “The Provincial Token Coinage of the 18th Century” 19).

Extremely fine with some red mint lustre remaining.