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SCBI 64. Grosvenor Museum, Part II.

Item Reference: BKS1084

SCBI 64.  Grosvenor Museum, Part II.

Pagan, H. Sylloge of Coins of the British Isles. 64. Grosvenor Museum, Chester. Part II. Anglo-Saxon Coins and Post-Conquest Coins to 1180. 2012. 145 pages, 34 plates. Casebound. This is the second and concluding volume in the SCBI series devoted to the collection of Anglo-Saxon and Norman coins in the Grosvenor Museum, Chester. The Grosvenor Museum's holdings in this field derive partly from the matchless collection of coins of the Chester mint formed during the first half of the twentieth century by Dr Willoughby Gardner (1860-1953), and partly from a succession of major hoards of tenth-century date discovered in the city of Chester at intervals since the 1850s.