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SNG Greece 6. The Alpha Bank Collection

Item Reference: BKS890

SNG Greece 6.  The Alpha Bank Collection

SNG Greece 6. Tsangari, D. I. The Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection, Athens. From Thessaly to Euboea. Athens, 2011. 125 pages, 46 pages of b/w plates. Casebound.

The Alpha Bank Numismatic Collection is considered one of the most important international collections. It comprises more than 10,000 coins from the ancient Greek world. A few extremely rare items stand out among them, unique specimens of ancient engraving.

The Collection includes coins from the end of the 7th century BC and the invention of coinage to the 3rd century AD and the termination of coin production by the cities of the Roman Empire . This present volume presents 1,005 coins of the Alpha Bank Collection, originating from Western and Central Greece, from Thessaly to Euboea. It includes 82 issuing authorities, cities, sovereigns and confederations, which present a rich and quite interesting coinage.