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Baldwin's Auction 88. 8th May 2014.

Item Reference: BKS1133

Baldwin's Auction 88. 8th May 2014.

Baldwin's Auction 88. 8th May 2014. The Hemisphere Collection of Gold Sovereigns. A. H. Baldwin & Sons Ltd are proud to have been selected to offer the Hemisphere Collection of gold Sovereigns by auction on 8 May 2014. The Sovereign is the longest serving British gold denomination and as of 2014, has been in circulation for an incredible 525 years. It was this fact which inspired the formation of the magnificent Hemisphere Collection which is, as far as we are aware, the only private collection to contain examples of each and every monarch for the Sovereign denomination in both the hammered and milled series.

The Bentley Collection (sold through Baldwin's in 2012-2013) despite being the largest collection of Sovereigns in private hands, did contain a monarchical gap in the lack of an Edward VIII piece. The Hemisphere collection has no such absence in its unbroken line of monarchy. First introduced by King Henry VII (1485-1509) in October 1489, the denomination was current throughout the hand-struck hammered Tudor and Stuart periods.

The Hemisphere Collection contains at least one example of each of the Tudor Monarchs - Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Queen Mary and Queen Elizabeth I, as well as the Stuart King James I. Most significantly however, the Hemisphere Collection includes the King Edward VIII 1937 Proof Sovereign, a coin of the highest rarity. This fabled coin was never produced for currency issue due to the abdication of the King, and consequently numismatic examples of his reign are very seldom encountered indeed. Another major rarity in the collection is the 1953 gold Proof Sovereign of our current Queen, of which only a miniscule number have ever found their way into private hands.

Ten years have passed since the major work of accruing this collection began and, with the recent dispersal of the Bentley Collection complete, it was deemed 2014 was an appropriate time to give a new generation of collectors the opportunity to participate in the public auction of the Hemisphere Collection of hammered and milled gold Sovereigns, and perhaps secure something the Bentley Collection did not have.