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SCBI 61. Schneider Collection Vol.Three

Item Reference: BKS788

SCBI 61.  Schneider Collection Vol.Three

Woodhead, P. The Herbert Schneider Collection. Volume Three. Anglo-Gallic, Flemish and Brabantine Gold Coins. 1330 - 1794. London. 2011. Quarto, pp. xii, 259, 39 colour plates. Cloth, jacket. The Herbert Schneider Collection of gold coins was formed over a period of 50 years by one of the leading experts in the field. The first volume covering gold coins from 1257 -1603 was published in 1996, followed by the second volume covering English gold coins from 1603 - 20th century, published in 2002. It is the finest collection in private hands and is outranked only by that of the British Museum. This third volume cataloguing the Herbert Schneider collection is concerned with Continental gold coins, albeit with a strong English connection. It consists of 348 Anglo-Gallic, Flemish and Brabantine gold coins all meticulously catalogued giving full transcriptions of the legends and details of the classification and die-linking of each coin. The introduction discusses the historical background of the subject territories which, when read in conjunction with the catalogue, will help to understand the coins. A major index catalogues every substantial later medieval European hoard containing gold coins from Britain and its neighbours. Every piece is illustrated on the 37 plates making the sylloge a valuable tool for identification and further study. An additional 2 plates illustrate the 13 English gold coins which have been added to the collection since the publication of volume two.