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The Modern Coinage of China 1866-1949

Item Reference: BKS865

The Modern Coinage of China 1866-1949

Wright, R. N. J. The Modern Coinage of China 1866-1949. The Evidence in Western Archives. London, 2012. 308 pages, illustrations, tables and glossary. This volume collects the research papers of Richard Wright, drawing them together from the various journals in which they were originally published between 1974 and 2003 into a newly set version.

The articles have been standardised, replacing the different formats of those appearing in the Numismatic Chronicle, the Numismatic Circular, and rescuing the rest from relative obscurity of the more difficult to find publications in which some of them appeared.

To the thirty seven articles is added another published here for the first time. Four appendices draw together additional material, and a fifth publishes Richard's last revision of his article on the British medals commemorating the Keying Junk, a maritime marvel of the 1840s.

This volume is a remarkable example of the quality of numismatic research contributed by collectors.