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The Prospero Collection Paperback Edition

Item Reference: BKS827

The Prospero Collection Paperback Edition

[Hill, P.] The Prospero Collection, Spectacular Ancient Greek Coins. A. H. Baldwin & Son's, Dmitry Markov and M&M Numismatics Ltd. New York, 4th January 2012. 642 lots, each lot illustrated in colour with enlargements, indices and a bibliography. Card covers.

The Prospero Collection was the most significant cabinet of ancient Greek coins to have been offered for sale in nearly a quarter of a century. Reaching an incredible sales total of over $25 million, the collection also now holds the record for the highest price paid for an ancient Greek coin - $3.25 million.

The catalogue for this spectacular auction is now one of the most comprehensive points of reference for all those dedicated to the pursuit of ancient Greek numismatics, an essential addition to the library of any collector, dealer, or anyone with an interest in ancient Greek art and coinage.