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Whitby, George IV, Union Medal 1857, RRR

Great Britain, George IV (1820-1830), North Yorkshire,...

Item Reference: Z22545

Price £385

Covent Garden, Porters Arm Badge

Great Britain, London, Covent Garden, Oval Silver-plated...

Item Reference: BG13306

Price £175

Covent Garden, Porters Cap Badge

Great Britain, London, Covent Garden, Porters (or other...

Item Reference: BG13308

Price £95

Covent Garden, Enamel Porters Badge

Great Britain, London, Covent Garden, Round Enamelled-metal...

Item Reference: BG13303

Price £135

Baldwin's Auction 61. 26th May 2009.

Baldwin's Auction No. 61. 26th May 2009. Important...

Item Reference: BKS782

Price £7

Baldwin's Auction 72. 4th Oct 2011.

Baldwin's Auction No. 72. 4th October 2011. A Collection...

Item Reference: BKS830

Price £7

Netherlands East Indies, Nickel Token

Netherlands East Indies, Silau, Asahan Tabak Maatschappy,...

Item Reference: Z64760

Price £75

Study Australasian Trade Tokens

Gray, S. A Study of Australasian Trade Tokens. An...

Item Reference: BKS1198

Price £45

British North Borneo, Labuk, Copper 50

British North Borneo, Labuk, Copper 50 cents (LaWe 668b)....

Item Reference: Z65205

Price £260

British & Irish Tradesmen & Tokens

Lusk, Jon, D. British and Irish Tradesmen and their Copper...

Item Reference: BKS1257

Price £70

Northamptonshire Tokens Checks

Waddell, P. D. S. Northamptonshire & The Soke of...

Item Reference: BKS904

Price £35

British Copper Tokens 1811-1820

Withers, P. & B. British Copper Tokens 1811-1820. 1999. ...

Item Reference: BKS903

Price £80

The Token Book 2

Withers, P. & B.. The Token Book 2. Unofficial farthings...

Item Reference: BKS1099

Price £35

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