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Whitby, George IV Union Medal 1857, RRR

Item Reference: Z48067

Whitby, George IV Union Medal 1857, RRR

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Great Britain, George IV (1820-1830), North Yorkshire, Whitby, Silvered Bronze/Brass Medallion muled with the obverse of the George IV Crown coinage, dated 1857, obverse: large laureate bust of King George IV to left as seen on the obverse of the British Pattern Crown (see ESC 265A and 265B), GEORGE IIII D: G: BRITANNIA: REX F: D: (meaning George IV, by the Grace of God, King of the Britains, Defender of the Faith) around, reverse: image of the part of the union flag within garter of the Order of the Garther at centre, WHITBY on the garter, UNITED WE STAND DIVIDED WE FALL around, date below, edge plain, diam. 36mm.

There is no known reason for the issue of this piece but it is possible that it is connected with the trades union movement with particular reference to the town of Whitby. During the reign of George IV, on 6 July 1825, the legislation repealing the Anti-Combination Acts of the previous year was amended, thus prohibiting violence whilst still recognising the legality of the union. This amendment had the effect of prohibiting strike action (British Historical Medals 2612).

Several large die-breaks evident on the reverse, the silvering rubbed on the high points and a few marks in the obverse field, otherwise nice reflective surfaces, good extremely fine and extremely rare.