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Unusual Very Fine 1879 M Sovereign

Item Reference: GI49458

Unusual Very Fine 1879 M Sovereign

Victoria (1837-1901), Sovereign, 1879 M, so-called medium tail, struck with an off-centre die axis, young head of third style left, letter M below near neck, ww buried in truncation in relief, with some letters out of alignment, rev die axis at 8 o’clock rotation, St George slaying dragon with sword, absent tail spur with “medium” tail, three strand terminal to tail, shorter strand to left curves outward, dragon claws of 4/4 arrangement but short and stubby, date in exergue, die flaw in date, weak b.p. to upper right, last stop larger, incomplete B, 7.97g (McD 157a; QM 89 S; Marsh 101; KM 7; Fr 16; S 3857D).

Surface marks, nicks and hairlines, rim nick on reverse, very fine, reverse better and unusual.

ex Bentley Collection lot 769. Calendar year mintage 2,740,000 presumably all St George reverse of which 594 went for pyx trial.