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Canute Penny of York Mint

Item Reference: AM249

Canute Penny of York Mint

Canute (1016-35), Penny, quatrefoil type (c.1017-23), York Mint, Moneyer Arncetel, crowned and draped bust left within quatrefoil, legend commences at bottom, +:CVT REX ANGLORVI, rev long voided cross with pellet centre and tri-crescent terminals, over quatrefoil with pellet on each cusp, +ARNCETEL. O EO, 1.05g (BMC type VIII; N.781; S.1157).

Lightly toned, weak in parts, practically very fine, and unusual rendering of the monarch’s name.

This coin struck from dies of the mid “York” style as defined by Blackburn and Lyon in their article “Regional Die-Production in Cnut’s Quatrefoil Issue” chapter 13 of Anglo-Saxon Monetary History. These dies therefore cut at the City of their use.