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Stephen, Penny, Awbridge type

Item Reference: HG50660

Stephen, Penny, Awbridge type

Stephen (1135-54), Penny, Awbridge type (1154-58), Hiun of Castle Rising Mint, near Hull, crowned bust with sceptre facing slightly to left, +StiefN-- rev voided cross within beaded quatrefoil, pellet and fleur in each angle, +---N: On: RISIN- 1.21g (BMC type VII, 189; Mack 104; N.881; S.1282).

Fragmented, one large piece with two small chips, otherwise toned good fine and very rare.

Spink Numismatic Circular, February 1993, item 152 as a whole coin at £200. The previous owner received this coin in the post from the above circular in the three parts and negotiated the price down to £140 back in 1993.