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Victoria 1868 Shield Back Sovereign

Item Reference: HI51234

Victoria 1868 Shield Back Sovereign

Victoria (1837-1901), Sovereign, 1868, die number 14, second larger young head left, WW incuse on truncation without stops, date below, curvy thinner and lower 6 with bulbous top, the second 8 higher than other figures, hint of doubling of legend both sides, rev crowned quartered shield of arms within laurel wreath, die number 14 below, 1 with no upper serif, emblems below, edge milled (Marsh 52; MCE 528; S 3853; Bentley 1097 this coin).

Heavy surface marks and scuffs, almost very fine.

ex Bentley Collection, part 3, Baldwin Auction 79, 8th May 2013, lot 1098. Calendar year mintage 1,653,384