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George I, Gold Half-Guinea, 1725,

George I, Gold Half-Guinea, 1725, second laureate head...

Item Reference: LM62458

Price £2,250

William III, Silver Shilling, 1697

William III, Silver Shilling, 1697, third laureate and...

Item Reference: LM62862

Price £675

William III, Copper Halfpenny, 1699

William III, Copper Halfpenny, 1699, third type, laureate...

Item Reference: Z62956

Price £95

Victoria, Farthing, 1858

Victoria, Farthing, 1858, young head left, WW raised on...

Item Reference: Z63026

Price £75

Edward IV, First Reign, Silver Groat

Edward IV, First Reign, Silver Groat, Light Coinage...

Item Reference: LM62006

Price £650

Victoria, Bronze Penny, 1862

Victoria, Bronze Penny, 1862, ‘bun’ style laureate head...

Item Reference: FG42486

Price £250

George I, Copper Farthing, 1719

George I, Copper Farthing, 1719, second issue, laureate and...

Item Reference: Z62984

Price £125

George IV, Proof Silver Halfcrown, 1825

George IV (1820-1830). Proof Silver Halfcrown, 1825, reeded...

Item Reference: MM64431

Price £3,450

Victoria, Silver Double-Florin, 1889,

Victoria, Silver Double-Florin, 1889, Jubilee bust left,...

Item Reference: Z62797

Price £200

William III, Silver Sixpence, 1698

William III, Silver Sixpence, 1698, third laureate and...

Item Reference: Z62827

Price £350

Richard II, Gold Noble

Richard II (1377-99). Gold Noble, London Mint, fi rst issue...

Item Reference: JM56390

Price £7,750

George I, "Dump" issue Copper

George I, "Dump" issue Copper Halfpenny, 1718, first issue,...

Item Reference: DG35833

Price £175

Victoria, Farthing, bronze issue, 1860

Victoria, Farthing, bronze issue, 1860 TB, laureate...

Item Reference: Z63064

Price £40

Edward VI, Posthumous Coinage in name

Edward VI, Posthumous Coinage in name of Henry VIII, Base...

Item Reference: LM62023

Price £975

Victoria, Bronze Proof Penny, 1868

Victoria, Bronze Proof Penny, 1868, laureate ‘bun’ type...

Item Reference: Z62931

Price £1,000

George III, Copper Farthing, 1773

George III (1760-1820), Copper Farthing, 1773, first...

Item Reference: AG850

Price £300

Charles I, Gold Triple Unite, 1643

Charles I (1625-49). Gold Triple Unite, 1643, of 60...

Item Reference: SFP136

Price £60,000

Aethelred II, Silver Penny

Aethelred II, Silver Penny, mule of intermediate small...

Item Reference: LM62606

Price £1,750

William IV, Silver Proof Sixpence, 1834

William IV, Silver Proof Sixpence, 1834, bare head right,...

Item Reference: Z62837

Price £1,950

George II, Copper Halfpenny, 1752

George II, Copper Halfpenny, 1752, second issue, older head...

Item Reference: AG1055

Price £275

Victoria, Bronze Third-Farthing, 1868

Victoria, Bronze Third-Farthing, 1868, laureate head left,...

Item Reference: Z63111

Price £100

Charles I, Silver Threepence, 1646

Charles I, Silver Threepence, Oxford mint, 1646, last 6...

Item Reference: Z62903

Price £550

Victoria, Bronze Penny, 1874

Victoria, Bronze Penny, 1874, close date, laureate...

Item Reference: CG27286

Price £425

George IV, Copper Farthing, 1822

George IV, Copper Farthing, 1822, first laureate and draped...

Item Reference: Z62995

Price £150

Edward the Confessor, Penny

Edward the Confessor (1042-66), penny, pyramids type (BMC...

Item Reference: JM56183

Price £850

William IV, Copper Farthing, 1835

William IV, Copper Farthing, 1835, bare head right, date...

Item Reference: Z63003

Price £75

Oliver Cromwell, Halfcrown, 1658

Oliver Cromwell (1653-58). Halfcrown, 1658, draped and...

Item Reference: MM64913

Price £5,500

Richard I, Silver Denier

Richard I (1169-1199), Silver Denier, Aquitaine, cross...

Item Reference: KG60956

Price £175

George III, Silver Maundy Set, 1800

George III (1760-1820), Silver Maundy Set, 1800, Fourpence...

Item Reference: KG59465

Price £400

George III, Copper Halfpenny, 1799

George III, Copper Halfpenny, 1799, laureate and draped...

Item Reference: Z62961

Price £115

James I, Gold Rose-Ryal

James I (1603-25). Gold Rose-Ryal, second coinage, 13.33g,...

Item Reference: MM64371

Price £21,500

Charles I, Silver Half-Groat

Charles I, Silver Half-Groat, Aberystwyth mint, crowned...

Item Reference: Z62909

Price £175

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