Victorian Coins

The Victorian era, in and of itself remains with us in our popular consciousness, we are constantly reminded of Victoriana, whether it be in the multiplicity of costume dramas that appear on our televisions, through literature, and even through everyday phrases that have survived and been passed on into our every subcionscious vernacular.

Numismatically, Victorian coins remain hugely collectible for several reasons. Firstly, the variety. Proof sets, pattern issues, everything from the milled Gold Una and the Lion to the Bronze Bun head pennies and their halves. The affordability and choices available in this area are almost unrivalled, collectors have not only a great selection to pick from, they also have several distinct areas; within that the length of the reign lends itself to the Victorian collector, giving him or her the chance to trace a large section of social history, this always helps the collectors who hold chronology and order as pivotal.

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