The Sixpence colloquially referred to as a tanner or sixpenny piece, had initially been minted in 1551, during the reign of Edward VI. There had been complications if not obstacles in his father’s reign, relating to debasement of the Silver used at the time. The four new Silver denominations introduced in Edward VI’s reign, Crown, Halfcrown, Sixpence and threepence were a natural response to the previous ambiguity of the Silver quality in circulation. Sixpences after this point were issued right the way through to Elizabeth II’s reign, transitioning from half Silver in 1920, by 1947 to cupro-nickel.

As a denomination they have a loyal and dedicated following, whether in their earlier hammered form or later milled. A consistently popular denomination with collectors worldwide, appealing to both hammered and milled enthusiasts, with several patterns or proofs available in later reigns; and nothing short of an academic selection in Charles I’s reign, not least the Civil War types.

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