English Coins

English Coins is an expansive area of numismatics, which can broadly be split between Hammered or Milled types. The extent of the area of subject matter can be further divided into the following categories. Early Anglo-Saxon c.600-775, Kings of Northumbria and Archbishops of York. Middle Period c.780-975 containing the Kings of Kent, Archbishops of Canterbury, Mercia, East Anglia. Anglo Viking, Kings of Wessex (786-924). The King’s of all England which ushers in the modern period, leading to the Normans. After the Planaganet Kings (1154-1399), we move to the House of Lancaster and the House of York (1461-85). The Tudors end with Elizabeth I’, moving into the House of Stuart between 1603-49 into the Commonwealth and Restoration. From George I onwards the House of Hanover is established leading into House of Windsor.

English coins in many ways are a standard or point of reference to which other world coins can be compared to. They have a reputation for their beauty and range of types available. Hammered or milled, many collectors seek to procure the best examples both domestically and internationally.

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