George III Coins

George III, born 4th June 1738, with an extensive reign between 1760-1820. Perhaps one of the most heavily collected and popular monarchs of the House of Hanover, popular equally in the domestic market and internationally. His regnal years witnessed the French Revolution, American War of Independence, the naval battle of Trafalgar, Battle of Waterloo and the English Industrial Revolution.

Numismatically, one can bookmark his reign between the early coinages and the last or new coinages, which finds its perimetres between 1816-20. The early coinages are home to the Five Guinea patterns, the Two Guinea, Guinea and its half. The 1763 Northumberland Shillings, various pattern shillings by Yeo and Tanner. The emergency series of octagonal and oval countermarks and the Bank of England series. The Soho issue Cartwheel Pennies bridge the gap to the ‘New coinage.’ The New Coinage, a milestone in coin production, with innovative machinery and methods captained by Matthew Boulton and James Watt, helped produced technically superior coins.

Numismatically, a diverse and multi-layered reign, with a breadth of types and denominations available in both pattern, proof and currency. Buy online with UK and worldwide delivery available or contact our expert team to arrange a viewing or ask any questions.

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