George II Coins

George II born on October 30th 1683, raised in Hanover, quite quickly adjusting and assimilating to English society. He came into power in 1727 up until 1760. The second King within the Hanover dynasty, perhaps best known for declaring War on Spain in 1739, also known as being the last King to personally lead his charge into Battle, at Dettingen in June of 1743.

Numismatically, his coins are often seen in two broad camps. The highly coveted milled Gold, especially the five Guineas with the East India Company hallmarks. Secondly his Silver types, it is accepted Silver was coined in an irregular fashion if not intermittently throughout his reign, with no Copper being issued after 1754. His Silver Crowns and halfcrowns, are widely acknowledged as being some of the finest and well executed peices within milled coinage. John Croker, John Rudolf [senior and junior] along with Johann Tanner, sat as his engravers and designers, their ability and distinction can be quickly recognised in the series.

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