Scottish Coins

Scottish coins show a great deal of variety, with an especially rich selection of hammered Gold. Beginning with David I (1124-53), Prince Henry, Malcolm IV and the ever popular William the Lion (1165-1214). The reigns of Robert II and David II shortly follow and the Hammered Gold commences with Robert III in 1390.

Scottish milled issues are normally assocated with the huge variety offered in Charles II’s reign, with the merk series types. Perhaps Mary Queen of Scots (1542-67) is the most popular monarch in the series due to being considered such an important historical figure, one of the most romantic and tragic rulers within Scottish History. Her Gold issues are fiercly fought over at auction, from the Abbey Crown to the highly coveted Three Pound peice, both minted in her first period.

Not unlike the Irish province, Scottish has its own set of dedicated collectors. Buy online with UK and worldwide delivery available or contact our expert team to arrange a viewing or ask any questions.

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