The first English Sovereign was coined during the reign of Henry VII in 1489 a large majestic piece of Hammered Gold in four different types. It continued in its hammered representation up until Elizabeth I’s reign as a fine sovereign of thirty shillings, then it essentially transitioned to the Rose-Ryal in James I’s reign.

The modern milled Sovereign of twenty Shillings had been produced in 1817, in George III’s new coinage drive, it continues to be issued up until this day. Needless to say, despite the Hammered and Milled Sovereigns sharing the same title, they are worlds apart in design, style, price and availability.

Many of our Sovereign collectors begin with Victoria and build backwards to George III. The hammered Sovereign enthusiasts tend to not cross over into the milled arena. Nevertheless, the milled field is vast and relatively accomodating to all budgets, perfect for the type collector who simply wants a pleasing example from George III onwards. Sovereigns are one of the staple denominations in English numismatics, always sought after at every level.

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