The Green Room

Welcome to the Baldwin’s Green Room, here we showcase a selection of videos from our YouTube Channel. From storage tips to what to look for when buying a coin or medal, our experts offer advice and also showcase some of the more interesting items to come through our doors.

The Gold Aureus – The most valuable coin of Hadrian’s reign
Originally only available to the highest-ranking members of Roman society our ancient coin expert, Dominic Chorney, examines the gold aureus and its impact on Roman society.
Should you slab your rare coins?
Baldwins Managing Director Neil Paisley and Ancients Expert Dominic Chorney discuss the history of slabbing coins and why the industry is still very much split on the practice.
The World War 1 Memorial Plaque
Curator and Antiques Roadshow expert Mark Smith talks us through the bronze artefact that no family wanted to receive.
A conversation with Medal Expert Mark Smith:
Baldwin’s Mark Smith, military museum curator and specialist in military medals, speaks to Dominic Chorney about his long career in studying and collecting medals and orders.
The Charles II Two Guinea Piece:
Take an in-depth look at one of the best milled gold coins in Baldwin’s inventory in this video with our specialists.
The Importance of Provenance:
In this video Mark Smith shows us how the medal itself is rarely the true gauge of value. It is the story behind it and the research that goes in to that story that can often provide us with the greatest prize.
Antiques Roadshow expert explains WW1 medals:
Baldwin’s Military Medal Specialist Mark Smith MA examines the campaign medals presented to the 10 million Commonwealth, Allied and British servicemen who fought in the trenches from 4 August 1914 to 11 November 1918.
A Silver Coin of Boudicca?
We examine a mysterious Celtic coin of the Iceni Tribe, and investigate why pinning a date on these Iron Age coins can be quite complicated.

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