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Everything you need to know about coin collecting

Coins are classic collectable items. The opportunity to own a piece of history used by people of times gone by has established coin collecting as a popular hobby enjoyed by individuals of all ages. Using coins as a medium of investment is also becoming more widespread. Collectable coins have a value that depends on two major factors; scarcity and condition. Prices are set by collectors and dealers based around demand.

This happens mainly through auctions and a network of coin dealers. As well as rarity and condition, coins can also be attractive due to their cultural or historical significance. Coins featuring famous historical figures can often carry a premium due to their international fame. Download our ‘Guide to Coin Collecting’ and learn everything you need to know to start collecting coins.

The History of Coins

Ancient Coins

Coin use flourished in Asia minor following the advent of electrum, but the first truly Greek city state to adopt coinage was the island of Aegina, off the coast of Attica. The coins minted here featured turtles and later tortoises.


The city-state of Athens rose to be the dominant power of the Mediterranean and beyond, during the 5th Century BC. With this power came a huge issue of iconic Athenian Owl tetradrachms, the first internationally recognised currency.


There are collectors in rare coins in most markets of the world. Many start off by collecting in the coins of their own country, or those of a particular historical period. So whether it is coins of the English Civil War period, American silver dollars, Islamic coins or Ancient Green and Roman pieces, there is an active market to suit the interests of most collectors.


The rich variety of historical coins and medals issued over the past 2000 years gives an amazing opportunity to anyone interested in starting a collection of their own. It might come as a surprise to many that it’s possible to own a genuine Roman or Greek coin from over 2000 years ago; or that a medieval silver groat of King Henry VIII, which might appear more at home in a museum is actually available to buy. Coins are miniature monuments to the times they originate from, and a lasting, physical memory of the rulers and people who used them.

To guide you through this process, Baldwins’ experienced staff of specialists can tailor an initial pathway of coins to suit your interests, your time horizons, and the amounts – large or small – you wish to spend.

The following brochures look at the basics of coin collecting and some of the main markets and collecting themes you may like to consider.

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