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The Coins of India - The Mughal Emperors

Item Reference: BKS1268

The Coins of India - The Mughal Emperors

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Needham, A. & Tariq, M. The Coins of India. The Mughal Emperors Part VII (M7). The Silver Coins in the name of Shah Alam I Bahadur Including the Pre-Accession and Rebellion Coinage of Azam Shah, Kam Bakshh and Muazzam Shah. 2014. 298 pages, colour illustrations throughout. Casebound, jacket. The volume, the first in a series of proposed publications on the coins of India which intends to provide illustrated guides to Sultanate & Mughal coinage, presents a generation change in the method of recording, illustrating and presenting numismatic data. It makes learning and understanding the calligraphic inscriptions on the coins a simple colour coded task. The separate sections of the inscriptions are clearly defined and colour coded by illustrating both sides of the coins. The knowledge held in these inscriptions, dates places, rulers, names, etc., is unlocked for all easily follow. Changes in types and styles of issue at the level of the issuing mint can be tracked down to the year of issue and regnal year. Poetic couplets are clearly demonstrated and new translations, free from religious and other kinds of bias are offered. Mints are mapped by type on historic maps without modern borders drawn so that the full extent of coin issuing centres can be shown on the sub-continent. New coding types have been developed to clearly show ruler, mint type and size. In keeping with the theme of the total series, a clear understanding will be available on the output of individual mints because these now have a unique code that will remain constant across all eras. On the advice of Stephen Album, a coding system in introduced to assist sellers (catalogue and auctions) to clearly show which coins are being sold. Sources for the attribution of type, mints and dates are clearly shown. This volume will be indispensable to coin collectors, sellers and scholars of South Asian numismatics.