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Focas (A.D. 602-610), Gold Solidus, DN FOCAS – PERP AV,...

Item Reference: GG49550

Price £800

Constans II

Constans II (c.A.D. 652-657), Silver Half-Siliqua, mint of...

Item Reference: KG58797

Price £300

Nicephorus Basilacius

Nicephorus Basilacius (Usurper, A.D. 1078), AE Follis, mint...

Item Reference: JM53758

Price £1,400

Constantine IV Pogonatus, AV Solidus

Constantine IV Pogonatus (634-685) AV Solidus 4.5gm.,...

Item Reference: LM63049

Price £800


Focas (A.D. 602-610), Gold Solidus, DNN FOCAS – PERP AVC,...

Item Reference: KG58632

Price £580

Constantine IV

Constantine IV (c.A.D. 674-680), Gold Solidus, dN – T –...

Item Reference: GG49325

Price £700

Michael VIII Paleologus

Michael VIII Paleologus (A.D. 1261-1282), Silver Trachy,...

Item Reference: KM60236

Price £950

Heraclius, AV Solidus

Heraclius (610-641) AV Solidus 4.5gm., Eastern Mint...

Item Reference: LM63047

Price £1,475

Michael VII Ducas

Michael VII Ducas (A.D. 1071-1078), Silver 2/3 Miliaresion,...

Item Reference: KG57748

Price £450

Constans II

Constans II (A.D. 649-650), Gold Globular Solidus, mint of...

Item Reference: KG61173

Price £550

Constantine VIII

Constantine VIII (A.D. 1025-1028), Gold Histamenon, +IhS...

Item Reference: KM58798

Price £1,150

Johannes Doukas, Pb Seal

Johannes Doukas (Caesar) (c. A.D. 1060-1075, Brother of...

Item Reference: JM54414

Price £750

V.Rare ⅓-Miliaresion Romanus IV

Romanus IV (A.D. 1068-1071), Silver ⅓-Miliaresion, facing...

Item Reference: KM59291

Price £2,200

Scarce Michael VII Maria Tetarteron

Michael VII and Maria (A.D. 1071-1078), Gold Tetarteron....

Item Reference: JM56100

Price £1,200

Rare Michael VIII Ducas Miliaresion

Michael VII Ducas (A.D. 1071-1078), Silver Miliaresion....

Item Reference: GG46713

Price £750

Very Rare Nicephorus III Miliaresion

Nicephorus III (A.D. 1078-1081), Silver Miliaresion. Mint...

Item Reference: JM56607

Price £1,400

Nicephorus III Electrum Tetrateron

Nicephorus III (A.D. 1078-1081), Electrum Tetarteron, bust...

Item Reference: KM59292

Price £1,250

Very Rare silver Scyphate Miliaresion

Alexius I Comnenus (A.D. 1081-1092), Silver Scyphate...

Item Reference: JG56608

Price £900

Alexius I Comnenus silver Histamenon

Alexius I Comnenus (pre-reform, A.D. 1081-1092), Silver...

Item Reference: JG56985

Price £420

Very Rare Trachy for John II Coronation

Alexius I Comnenus with Irene and John II (Coronation issue...

Item Reference: KM57313

Price £1,500

Rare Isaac Comnenus Tetarteron, Cyprus

Isaac Comnenus, Usurper in Cyprus (A.D. 1187-1191), AE...

Item Reference: KG57318

Price £675

Rare Isaac Comnenus Tetarteron, Nicosia

Isaac Comnenus, Usurper in Cyprus (A.D. 1187-1191), AE...

Item Reference: KM57316

Price £950

Alexius III Electrum Trachy

Alexius III (A.D. 1195-1203), Electrum Trachy, +KE ROHΘEI...

Item Reference: KG60235

Price £500

Scarce Gold Solidus Focas

Focas (c. A.D. 503), Gold Solidus. ON FOCAS PERP AVI,...

Item Reference: GG48317

Price £575

Maurice Tiberius, Gold Solidus

Maurice Tiberius (A.D. 582-602), Gold Solidus, bust facing,...

Item Reference: FG42350

Price £700

Maurice Tiberius, Gold Semissis

Maurice Tiberius (582-602), Gold Semissis

Item Reference: FG42359

Price £620

Extremely Rare Merovingian Tremissis

Hildoald, Moneyer (c. A.D. 590-675) Gold Tremissis, mint of...

Item Reference: GM48494

Price £6,000

Rare Heraclius Gold Solidus

Heraclius (A.D. 610-641), Gold Solidus. dN hERACLIUS PP...

Item Reference: GG50887

Price £500

Very Rare Leontius AE Follis

Leontius (A.D. 695-698), AE Follis. Legend obscure, bearded...

Item Reference: HG51614

Price £375

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