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British Coins

British coins have always been popular amongst numismatists, not least because of their historical context, but also as a result of some of the finest coins ever being minted within this broad period.

Elizabeth I, sixth issue, ‘crown gold’ (1593-94), This beautiful coin is a superb example of English Renaissance metallic art.

A Silver Tetradrachm (c. c. 425-420 BC) featuring Iokastos (the mythical founder of the city), naked to his waist, holding a staff and resting left hand on his hip, all within a laurel wreath.

Ancient Coins

The city-state of Athens rose to be the dominant power of the Mediterranean and beyond, during the 5th Century BC. With this power came a huge issue of iconic Athenian Owl tetradrachms, the first internationally recognised currency.

World Coins

Our selection of World Coins features rare gold and silver European coins, as well as a great variety of coins from Asia and Africa. You can also browse our selection of rare Islamic gold and silver coinage.

France, Charles V (the Wise) (1364-80 AD), gold Franc à pied, Paris

France, Charles V (the Wise) (1364-80 AD), gold Franc à pied, Paris

A Battle of Amiens Military Medal and pair to the London Regiment awarded to Private Claude Leslie Williams.


Our range of military medals are lovingly curated by Mark Smith, medal expert for both the “Antiques Roadshow” and “Who Do You Think You Are“.

We aspire to rarity, provenance and a great story wherever possible.

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