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Central Greece

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Phlious, Silver Hemidrachm

Phliasia, Phlious (c. 270 B.C.), Silver Hemidrachm. Bull...

Item Reference: HG51392

Price £300

Rhaukos, Silver Stater

Crete, Rhaukos (c. 320-270 B.C.), Silver Stater. Poseidon...

Item Reference: KM58022

Price £1,700

Boiotia, Orchomenos, Silver Hemiobol

Boiotia, Orchomenos (late 5th century – 364 B.C.), Silver...

Item Reference: HG51390

Price £440

Sikyon, Silver Tritartemorion

Sikyonia, Sikyon (c. 400-350 B.C.), Silver Tritartemorion....

Item Reference: JG54830

Price £550

Boiotia, Thebes, Silver Stater

Boiotia, Thebes (c. 425-400 B.C.), Silver Stater. Boiotian...

Item Reference: KG57381

Price £500

Attica, Athens, Silver Hemidrachm

Attica, Athens (c. 454-404 B.C.), Silver Hemidrachm

Item Reference: JG54740

Price £700

Phokis, Silver Obol

Phokis, Federal Coinage (c. 478-460 B.C.), Silver Obol

Item Reference: EG40963

Price £400

Nikomedes IV, Silver Tetradrachm

Kingdom of Bithynia, Nikomedes IV Philopator (c. 94-74...

Item Reference: KM59679

Price £1,500

Attica, Athens. AR Tetradracm

Attica, Athens. AR Tetradracm 17.1gm., c.510-500 BC. Head...

Item Reference: KM57465

Price £14,500

Achaean League, Elis, Silver Triobol

Achaean League, Elis. AR Triobol 2.3gm., after 280 BC. Head...

Item Reference: Z64528

Price £225

Islands off Attica, Aigina, Silver

Islands off Attica, Aigina (c.456-431 B.C.), Silver Stater....

Item Reference: LM62245

Price £2,200

Boiotia, Thebes, Silver Hemidrachm

Boiotia, Thebes (c.480-460 B.C.), Silver Hemidrachm....

Item Reference: LG61360

Price £450

Corinthia, Corinth. AR Stater

Corinthia, Corinth. AR Stater 8.1gm., 450-415 BC. Helmeted...

Item Reference: KG60021

Price £395

Achaean League, Lacedaemon (Sparta),

Achaean League, Lacedaemon (Sparta). AR Triobol 2.4gm.,...

Item Reference: Z65045

Price £320

Peloponnese, Philasia, Phlious, Silver

Peloponnese, Philasia, Phlious (late 6th to early 5th...

Item Reference: JG54739

Price £650

Phokis, Federal Coinage, AE Unit

Phokis, Federal Coinage. AE Unit, c.354-322 BC. Onymarchos,...

Item Reference: Z65043

Price £300

Attica, Athens, Silver Tetradrachm

Attica, Athens (c.490 B.C.), Silver Tetradrachm. Head of...

Item Reference: LM62227

Price £6,500

Attica, Athens, Silver Tetradrachm

Attica, Athens. AR Tetradrachm 17.2gm., c.420-405 BC....

Item Reference: KM58019-6

Price £1,250

Thessaly, Larissa, Silver Drachm

Thessaly, Larissa (c.356-342 B.C.), Silver Drachm. Head of...

Item Reference: LM61914

Price £1,250

Kamarina, AE Tetras

Sicily, Kamarina (c. 420-405 B.C.), AE Tetras, 19mm,...

Item Reference: KM59689

Price £850

Argolis, Argos, Silver Triobol

Argolis, Argos, AR Triobol c.125-80 BC. Forepart of wolf...

Item Reference: Z65141

Price £150

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