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Kings of Syria

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Antiochos VIII Silver Tetradrachm

Kingdom of Syria, Antiochos VIII Epiphanes (121/0-96 B.C.),...

Item Reference: KG59308

Price £480

Demetrios II, Silver Tetradrachm

Kingdom of Syria, Demetrios II Nikator (second reign,...

Item Reference: JG55872

Price £600

Demetrios I Soter, AntiochTetradrachm

Kingdom of Syria, Demetrios I Soter (162-150 B.C.), Silver...

Item Reference: HG51795

Price £475

Kingdom Syria, Antiochos III

Kingdom of Syria, Antiochos III (223-187 B.C.), Silver...

Item Reference: KG60149

Price £475

Seleucid Kingdom, Alexander I Balas, AR

Seleucid Kingdom. Alexander I Balas (152-145 BC) AR...

Item Reference: JG54827

Price £265

Antiochus II, AR Tetradrachm

Antiochus II (261-246 BC) AR Tetradrachm 16.6gm., Seleukia....

Item Reference: JI56730

Price £225

Demetrius II, Second Reign, AR

Demetrius II, Second Reign (129-126/5 BC) AR Tetradrachm...

Item Reference: KM60442

Price £900

Demetrius I Soter, AR Drachm

Demetrius I Soter (162-150 BC) AR Drachm 4.1gm., Antioch...

Item Reference: JG54623

Price £375

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