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Great Britain

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Coin Yearbook 2017

[Token Publishing] Coin Yearbook 2017. 362 pages,...

Item Reference: FB63545

Price £9.95

Victoria, Copper Halfpenny, 1856

Victoria, Copper Halfpenny, 1856, young head left, date...

Item Reference: Z62967

Price £275

Victoria, Farthing, bronze issue, 1860

Victoria, Farthing, bronze issue, 1860 BB, laureate...

Item Reference: Z63029

Price £110

Aethelred II, Silver Penny

Aethelred II, Silver Penny, long cross type (c.997-1003),...

Item Reference: LG61484

Price £450

Scotland, Mary Queen Scots, Bawbee,

Mary Queen of Scots, Bawbee, billon issue of Sixpence...

Item Reference: Z62752

Price £100

Charles I, Silver Half-Groat

Charles I (1625-1649), Silver Half-Groat, Aberystwyth mint,...

Item Reference: Z62908

Price £150

Ireland, John as Lord Ireland,

John as Lord of Ireland, Silver Halfpenny, second coinage,...

Item Reference: Z63130

Price £250

George IV, Copper Penny, 1826

George IV, Copper Penny, 1826, laureate head left, date...

Item Reference: JG57156

Price £225

Ireland, Henry VII, Silver Groat,

Henry VII, Silver Groat, Dublin mint, early three crowns...

Item Reference: Z63198

Price £375

William III, Copper Halfpenny, 1699

William III, Copper Halfpenny, 1699, third type, laureate...

Item Reference: Z62956

Price £95

George III, Copper Farthing, 1806

George III, Copper Farthing, 1806, small laureate and...

Item Reference: Z62989

Price £185

Kings East Anglia, Eadmund

Kings of East Anglia, Eadmund (855-870), Silver Penny, East...

Item Reference: KM60691

Price £1,950

Victoria, Copper-nickel Proof

Victoria, Copper-nickel Proof Half-Farthing, 1868, young...

Item Reference: Z63098

Price £1,250

Charles I, Silver Shilling

Charles I (1625-1649), Silver Shilling, Tower mint, fine...

Item Reference: LM62226

Price £2,750

Scotland, Lanark Mills, New Lanark,

Lanark Mills, New Lanark, Lanarkshire, value of Five...

Item Reference: Z62761

Price £2,250

William III, Silver Shilling, 1697

William III, Silver Shilling, 1697, third bust variety...

Item Reference: LG62268

Price £600

Ireland, Edward I, Silver Penny

Edward I, Silver Penny, second coinage, type Ib, Dublin...

Item Reference: Z63168

Price £200

Victoria, Bronze Penny, 1893

Victoria, Bronze Penny, 1893, laureate ‘bun’ type bust,...

Item Reference: AG1137

Price £70

Ireland, James II, Silver Proof

James II, Silver Proof Halfpenny, 1690, pewter money type,...

Item Reference: KM61129

Price £3,750

Edward VII, Bronze Penny, 1902

Edward VII, Bronze Penny, 1902, bare head right, rev...

Item Reference: Z62939

Price £165

Ireland, George III, Bank Token, Silver

George III, Bank Token, Silver Thirty Pence, 1808, laureate...

Item Reference: Z63236

Price £120

Victoria, Bronze Halfpenny, 1861

Victoria, Bronze Halfpenny, 1861, young laureate bust left,...

Item Reference: Z62969

Price £100

Victoria, Farthing, bronze issue, 1863

Victoria, Farthing, bronze issue, 1863, laureate “bun”...

Item Reference: Z63065

Price £50

Edward I, Silver Denier Au Leopard

Edward I (1252-1307), Silver Denier Au Leopard, first type...

Item Reference: KG60958

Price £350

Scotland, Charles I, Gold Unit £12

Charles I (1625-1649), Gold Unit of £12 Scottish=Twenty...

Item Reference: LM61336

Price £4,250

Charles I, Silver Penny, 1644

Charles I (1625-1649), Silver Penny, Exeter mint, 1644,...

Item Reference: LM61589

Price £1,250

Ireland, John as King England, Silver

John as King England, Silver Penny, third coinage, moneyer...

Item Reference: Z63136

Price £175

Victoria, Bronze Penny, 1860

Victoria, Bronze Penny, 1860, ‘bun’ style laureate head...

Item Reference: CG27269

Price £250

Ireland, Philip & Mary, Base Silver

Philip & Mary (1554-1558), Base Silver Sixpenny Groat,...

Item Reference: Z63204

Price £95

George I, "Dump" issue Copper

George I, "Dump" issue Copper Halfpenny, 1717, first issue,...

Item Reference: DG35956

Price £250

William IV, Copper Farthing, 1831

William IV (1830-1837), Copper Farthing, 1831, bare head...

Item Reference: Z62998

Price £100

Aethelstan, titled as King all the

Aethelstan, titled as King of all the Britons, Silver...

Item Reference: LM61465

Price £1,950

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