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Great Britain

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Ireland, James II, Gunmoney Halfcrown,

James II, Gunmoney Halfcrown, small size, May 1690,...

Item Reference: Z63222

Price £125

Richard II, Silver Hardi D’argent

Richard II (1377-1399), Silver Hardi D’argent,...

Item Reference: LG61757

Price £250

Commonwealth, Gold Unite, 1651

Commonwealth (1649-1660). Gold Unite, 1651, mint mark sun,...

Item Reference: SFP141

Price £12,000

William III, Silver Sixpence, 1698

William III, Silver Sixpence, 1698, third laureate and...

Item Reference: Z62827

Price £350

William III, Copper Halfpenny, 1697

William III, Copper Halfpenny, 1697, first issue, laureate...

Item Reference: Z62953

Price £125

Victoria, Farthing, 1840

Victoria, Farthing, 1840, young head left, WW raised on...

Item Reference: Z63009

Price £125

Ireland, Henry III, Silver Penny

Henry III, Silver Penny, type IId, moneyer Ricard at Dublin...

Item Reference: Z63160

Price £325

Commonwealth, Pattern Halfcrown, by

Commonwealth (1649-60), Pattern Halfcrown, by Blondeau,...

Item Reference: LM63571

Price £6,950

Charles I, Silver Threepence, 1646

Charles I, Silver Threepence, Bridgnorth on Severn mint,...

Item Reference: Z62904

Price £675

Victoria, Bronze Penny, 1863

Victoria, Bronze Penny, 1863, ‘bun’ style laureate head...

Item Reference: BG22988

Price £85

Victoria, Bronze Halfpenny, 1861

Victoria, Bronze Halfpenny, 1861, young laureate bust left,...

Item Reference: Z62969

Price £100

Scotland, Charles II, Silver Merk, 1673

Charles II, Silver Merk, 1673, First Coinage, Type II, no...

Item Reference: KG59960

Price £675

Scotland, Anne, Silver Five Shillings,

Anne (1702-1714), Silver Five Shillings, 1705, 5 struck...

Item Reference: KG59992

Price £350

Ireland, James II, Silver Proof

James II, Silver Proof Gunmoney Shilling, small size, May...

Item Reference: KM59997

Price £3,500

Edward IV, Second Reign, Gold Angel

Edward IV, Second Reign, Gold Angel, St Michael with one...

Item Reference: KM59049

Price £3,000

William Mary, Crown, 1692

William and Mary (1688-94). Crown, 1692, edge reads QUARTO,...

Item Reference: LM63573

Price £4,750

William IV, Silver Proof Sixpence, 1834

William IV, Silver Proof Sixpence, 1834, bare head right,...

Item Reference: Z62837

Price £1,950

George I, Halfcrown, 1715

George I (1714-27). Halfcrown, 1715, laureate and draped...

Item Reference: HM50649

Price £2,350

William III, Copper Halfpenny, 1699

William III, Copper Halfpenny, 1699, no stop after date,...

Item Reference: FG42801

Price £165

James II, Halfcrown, 1685

James II (1685-88). Halfcrown, 1685, first laureate and...

Item Reference: HM52414

Price £2,750

Victoria, Farthing, 1849

Victoria, Farthing, 1849, young head left, WW raised on...

Item Reference: Z63016

Price £850

Ireland, Edward I, Silver Penny

Edward I, Silver Penny, second coinage, type Ib, Dublin...

Item Reference: Z63168

Price £200

Viking Coinages, Southern Danelaw

Viking Coinages, Southern Danelaw (898-915), Alfred the...

Item Reference: LM62480

Price £5,000

George I, 'Dump Issue', Halfpenny, 1717

George I (1714-27), ‘Dump Issue’ Halfpenny, 1717,...

Item Reference: LG63756

Price £695

Charles I, Silver Half-Groat

Charles I, Silver Half-Groat, Bristol mint, crowned bust...

Item Reference: Z62911

Price £250

Victoria, Bronze Penny, 1874H

Victoria, Bronze Penny, 1874H, Heaton mint, close date,...

Item Reference: KG60595

Price £125

Edward VII, Bronze Halfpenny, 1905

Edward VII, Bronze Halfpenny, 1905, bare head right, rev,...

Item Reference: Z62974

Price £80

Charles II, Copper Farthing, 1675

Charles II, Copper Farthing, 1675, laureate and cuirassed...

Item Reference: AG1425

Price £225

Scotland, Dun McLaren, Lochearnhead,

Dun McLaren, Lochearnhead, Perthshire, annular countermark...

Item Reference: Z62777

Price £450

Catuvellauni, Gold Stater

Catuvellauni. AV Stater 6.6gm., c.80-50 BC. Sinuous horse...

Item Reference: KM61111

Price £2,200

Now only £2,000

Ireland, George III, Bank Token, Silver

George III, Bank Token, Silver Ten Pence, 1805, laureate...

Item Reference: FG45449

Price £70

James I, Gold Angel

James I, Gold Angel, third coinage (1619-25), St Michael...

Item Reference: KM59102

Price £4,750

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