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Henry VII, Silver Groat

Henry VII (1485-1509), Silver Groat, London mint, first...

Item Reference: LG62018

Price £550

Mary, Silver Groat

Mary (1553-1554), Silver Groat, crowned bust of Queen left,...

Item Reference: LG62438

Price £150

Edward VI, Second period, Sovereign of

Edward VI (1547-53), second period, Sovereign of Twenty...

Item Reference: KM59707

Price £18,750

Edward VI, Posthumous Coinage in name

Edward VI, Posthumous Coinage in name of Henry VIII, Base...

Item Reference: LM62023

Price £975

Henry VII, Silver Groat

Henry VII, Silver Groat, London mint, first period, class...

Item Reference: LG62019

Price £550

Elizabeth I, Sixth Issue Pound

Elizabeth I (1558-1603). Sixth Issue Pound. mm Tun. (S2534;...

Item Reference: LM63618

Price £14,750

Elizabeth I, Silver Crown

Elizabeth I, Silver Crown, seventh issue (1601-02), crowned...

Item Reference: LM62312

Price £6,500

Edward VI, Silver Groat

Edward VI, Silver Groat, Southwark mint, crowned bust...

Item Reference: LM62592

Price £2,500

Henry VIII, Base Silver Groat

Henry VIII, Base Silver Groat, third coinage (1526-44),...

Item Reference: LG62021

Price £500

Henry VIII Fine Gold Quarter-Angel

Henry VIII (1509-47), Fine Gold Quarter-Angel, third...

Item Reference: KM59126

Price £1,250

Henry VIII Silver Testoon, Tower Mint

Henry VIII (1509-1547), Silver Testoon, third coinage...

Item Reference: KM59475

Price £7,500

Henry VIII Posthumous Issue Penny

Henry VIII, Posthumous Issue (1547-51), Penny, Canterbury...

Item Reference: EG39720

Price £225

Irish Henry VIII Posthumous Issue

Ireland, Henry VIII, Posthumous issue (1547-50), Threepence...

Item Reference: DG33338

Price £175

Edward VI, Canterbury Half-Groat

Edward VI (1547-1553), Halfgroat, Canterbury Mint, first...

Item Reference: GM46705

Price £675

Edward VI Tower Mint Shilling

Edward VI (1547-1553), Shilling, second period...

Item Reference: FG42991

Price £600

Edward VI Tower Mint Shilling

Edward VI (1547-1553), Shilling, second period...

Item Reference: R453

Price £500

Edward VI, Base Penny, York mm mullet

Edward VI (1547-1553), Base issue Penny, York Mint, large...

Item Reference: JG54273

Price £200

Edward VI, Southwark Mint Shilling 1550

Edward VI (1547-53), Shilling, 1550, second period...

Item Reference: JG53852

Price £850

Bold VF Edward VI Silver Shilling

Edward VI, silver Shilling, third period, fine silver issue...

Item Reference: KG58486

Price £550

Edward VI "Emaciated bust" Shilling

Edward VI (1547-53), Shilling, third period, fine silver...

Item Reference: JG56014

Price £475

Edward VI Silver Sixpence

Edward VI (1547-53), silver Sixpence, third period, fine...

Item Reference: KG58487

Price £400

Philip Mary Groat

Philip and Mary (1554-1558), Groat, crowned bust of Mary...

Item Reference: GG46978

Price £500

Philip & Mary Silver Groat

Philip and Mary (1554-58), Silver Groat, crowned bust of...

Item Reference: KM60124

Price £850

Elizabeth I Pound, Initial Mark Cypher

Elizabeth I (1558-1603), gold Pound of Twenty Shillings,...

Item Reference: JM55873

Price £10,000

Elizabeth I Silver Penny, London Mint

Elizabeth I (1558-1603), Penny, London Mint, sixth issue,...

Item Reference: Z60359

Price £85

VF Elizabeth I Silver Halfcrown

Elizabeth I, Silver Halfcrown, seventh issue, mintmark 1...

Item Reference: KM59252

Price £5,000

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