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Commemorative Medals

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George III, Amicable Friendly Society,

George III, Amicable Friendly Society, Silver medal, c...

Item Reference: Z64567

Price £350

Charles I, Earl Manchester Military

Charles I, Earl of Manchester Military reward. Cast silver...

Item Reference: Z64576

Price £2,500

George II, Anti Gallican Society,

George II, Anti Gallican Society (to discourage buying of...

Item Reference: Z64578

Price £385

Anne, Capture the Citadel Lille,

Anne (1702-1714), Capture of the Citadel of Lille 1708,...

Item Reference: Z57660

Price £250

Prince George, Lord High Admiral, 1702.

Anne, Prince George, Lord high Admiral, 1702, Bronze Medal...

Item Reference: Z57656

Price £200

Anne, Union England Scotland,

Anne (1702-1712), Union of England and Scotland, 1707,...

Item Reference: Z57659

Price £350

Union England Scotland, 1707.

Anne (1702-1712), Union of England and Scotland, 1707,...

Item Reference: KG59472

Price £250

Anne, Accession, 1702.

Anne, Accession 1702, Bronze Medal Medal by J Croker, ANNA...

Item Reference: Z57654

Price £200

Anne, Capture Douay, 1710.

Queen Anne, Capture of Douay, 1710, White Metal Medal by M...

Item Reference: Z51643

Price £70

The Siege Corfu, 1716.

Italy / Greece, The Siege of Corfu 1716, Venetian Victory...

Item Reference: BG25720

Price £675

Coronation Caroline, 1727.

George II, Coronation of Caroline, 1727, Bronze Medal by J...

Item Reference: Z51891

Price £180

Dassier, William Windham.

William Windham (1716-1761), Copper Medal 1742 by J...

Item Reference: EG39443

Price £150

Keith Abercrombie.

Admiral Lord Keith and the death of Sir Ralph Abercrombie.

Item Reference: Z48677

Price £115

Keith Abercrombie.

Admiral Lord Keith and the death of Sir Ralph Abercrombie.

Item Reference: GG46923

Price £300

India, John Borthwick Gilchrist.

India, John Borthwick Gilchrist (1759-1841), Scottish born...

Item Reference: KG58696

Price £250

British Victories, 1810.

George III (1760-1820), British Victories, 1810, Bronze...

Item Reference: KG57994

Price £300

George III, Peace Amiens 1802.

George III, Peace of Amiens 1802, Good extremely fine.

Item Reference: FG46148

Price £285

Asmi Achmet Effendi, 1791.

The Ottoman Empire / Prussia, Asmi Achmet Effendi, Turkish...

Item Reference: Z59349

Price £300

Marriage the Prince Wales, 1795.

George III, Marriage of the Prince of Wales to Caroline of...

Item Reference: KG57996

Price £300

Victories over the French in Swabia.

Austria, Holy Roman Empire, Archduke Charles, Duke of...

Item Reference: HG51513

Price £95

Preserved from Assassination, 1800.

George III (1760-1820), Preserved from Assassination, 1800,...

Item Reference: KG60628

Price £180

Peace Amiens, 1802.

George III (1760-1820), Peace of Amiens, 1802, Bronze Medal...

Item Reference: KG60625

Price £150

Robert Banks, 1803.

George III, Robert Banks, Bronze Medal, 1803, by J G...

Item Reference: HG52852

Price £150

Wellington created Earl, 1812.

George III, Wellington created Earl, Parliamentary Tribute,...

Item Reference: Z59028

Price £150

Second Duke Cumberland, 1840.

G G Levison Gower, Second Duke of Cumberland 1840, Bronze...

Item Reference: EG40514

Price £70

Italy, Duke Parma 1849.

Italy, Arrival of Charles III, Duke of Parma, 1849, Silver...

Item Reference: Z54237

Price £1,000

Count Radetzky, Statue in Prague, 1859.

Austria, General Josef, Count Radetzky (1766-1858),...

Item Reference: KG60633

Price £85

India, Calcutta 1862, Gold Pollock

India, Calcutta 1862, Royal Military Academy Woolwich,...

Item Reference: HM52257

Price £4,350

National Exhibition Arts and

Belgium, National Exhibition of Arts and Industries,...

Item Reference: Z56971

Price £95

Brasil / Vatican, Silver Medal, 1894.

Brasil, Vatican, Papal Medals, Leo XIII (1878-1903), Silver...

Item Reference: KG57935

Price £225

International Exhibition, 1897.

Belgium, International Exhibition, Brussels, 1897,...

Item Reference: Z56975

Price £65

Fritz Reuter, 1910.

Germany, Centenary of the Birth of Fritz Reuter, cast...

Item Reference: HG52841

Price £250

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