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Foreign Medals

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Russia, Millennium the Russian State

Alexander II (1855-1881). The Unveiling of the Monument to...

Item Reference: GG49590

Price £350

Christoph Willibald Gluck (1714-1787).

Music, Christoph Willibald Gluck (1714-1787), a 19th...

Item Reference: BG10529

Price £120

The Siege Corfu, 1716.

Italy / Greece, The Siege of Corfu 1716, Venetian Victory...

Item Reference: BG25720

Price £675

Dassier, William Windham.

William Windham (1716-1761), Copper Medal 1742 by J...

Item Reference: EG39443

Price £150

India, John Borthwick Gilchrist.

India, John Borthwick Gilchrist (1759-1841), Scottish born...

Item Reference: KG58696

Price £250

HRE, Leopold II, Coronation, 1790.

Leopold II (1790-1792), Coronation, 1790, White Metal Medal...

Item Reference: T185

Price £200

Asmi Achmet Effendi, 1791.

The Ottoman Empire / Prussia, Asmi Achmet Effendi, Turkish...

Item Reference: Z59349

Price £300

Hasse-Cassel, William IX Com. Medal

Hesse-Cassel, Wilhelm IX (1785-1821), the Recapture of...

Item Reference: T201

Price £300

Victories over the French in Swabia.

Austria, Holy Roman Empire, Archduke Charles, Duke of...

Item Reference: HG51513

Price £95

Italy, Duke Parma 1849.

Italy, Arrival of Charles III, Duke of Parma, 1849, Silver...

Item Reference: Z54237

Price £1,000

Count Radetzky, Statue in Prague, 1859.

Austria, General Josef, Count Radetzky (1766-1858),...

Item Reference: KG60633

Price £85

India, Calcutta 1862, Gold Pollock

India, Calcutta 1862, Royal Military Academy Woolwich,...

Item Reference: HM52257

Price £4,350

National Exhibition Arts and

Belgium, National Exhibition of Arts and Industries,...

Item Reference: Z56971

Price £95

Brasil / Vatican, Silver Medal, 1894.

Brasil, Vatican, Papal Medals, Leo XIII (1878-1903), Silver...

Item Reference: KG57935

Price £225

Celebrated Artists Liège, 1886.

Belgium, Celebrated Artists of Liège, Bronze Medal by...

Item Reference: Z57056

Price £175

International Food Industry Exhibition,

Belgium, International Food Industry Exhibition, Brussels,...

Item Reference: Z56973

Price £50

International Exhibition, 1897.

Belgium, International Exhibition, Brussels, 1897,...

Item Reference: Z56975

Price £65

Fritz Reuter, 1910.

Germany, Centenary of the Birth of Fritz Reuter, cast...

Item Reference: HG52841

Price £250

Ethiopia, Gold Medal, 1955.

Ethiopia, Haile Selassi (1930-1974) and Empress Menen, Gold...

Item Reference: KG59238

Price £650

Elizabeth II, Coronation, 1953.

UK/South Africa, Elizabeth II (1953-present), Coronation,...

Item Reference: Z57057

Price £500

Queen Victoria, Empress India.

Hardstone cameo portrait of the Empress of India bust for...

Item Reference: HG50895

Price £100

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