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The Baldwin's Team


Our experience has shown us that the very best collections in the world are achieved through a trusted relationship between collector and advisor. Whatever aspect of the numismatic world interests you. we have skilled numismatists who are always pleased to help.

No matter if you're an experienced lifelong collector or looking to start out in the world of numismatics, our team of world-class specialists are available to aid you in any way they can.


Our Specialist Advisors


Edward Baldwin

Edward Baldwin is the longest standing member of the Baldwin's team, having joined the family business in 1970 after graduating from Edinburgh University where he studied modern languages, ancient history and archaeology.

Edward has an encyclopaedic knowledge of the world of numismatics, and is a member of the Royal Numismatic Society, the British Numismatic Society and the Russian Numismatic Society.



Neil Paisley
Managing Director

Neil has been involved in the numismatic world for over 20 years. After studying History, Latin and Classical Civilisation in Manchester, he joined Colin Cooke Coins, where he took over the business in 2005. Neil specialises in British hammered and milled coins, and over the years has been responsible for the cataloguing and auctioning of many important sales - most notably the Alderley Collection of pennies (an auction that held the World Record for a 1933 Lavrillier penny for ten years until it was broken by Baldwin's in May 2016). Neil joined Baldwin's as Managing Director in 2016, bringing decades of experience and knowledge.


You can read more about Neil, including a Q & A right here.


Mark Smith

Mark holds a Master's Degree in Curation from UCL, and is a curator of the Royal Artillery Museum in Woolwich. Mark is also an associate member of the Guild of Battlefield Guides and has been collecting and cataloguing medals for more than 47 years.

A familiar face to many in the UK, Mark is also the Resident Arms and Armouries specialist on the BBC's Antique Roadshow and is widely regarded as the foremost medals and orders specialist in the country. He specialises in Military Medals from all eras.



Chris Tyrimos

Chris graduated from Queen Mary University of London with a degree in History in 2003, which led to him becoming interested in numismatics in 2005. Chris joined Baldwin's in 2015 as a junior numismatist and maintains a strong interest in history and coins. He has since broadened his knowledge base to include British coinage from 1558 onwards as well as British hammered coins.



Abigail Delgado
Numismatic Assistant

Abigail holds a psychology degree from Westminster University. She previously worked for two years at The British Museum, where she discovered a fond interest in historical artifacts and world history. Abigail stepped seamlessly into the world of numismatics at Baldwin's in 2016.



Simon Noble

Simon joined the Baldwin's team in 2016 having previously worked for numismatic trading and auction houses in Sydney, Australia. Simon has a broad knowledge of numismatics and knowledge of the international trade and is available for advice on valuations and sales.



Jeremy Cheek - Consultant Specialist



Daniel Fearon - Specialist (Commemorative Medals)









Auctions XXXI, XL & XLI

10-12 January 2017


Treasures of the Gupta Empire

A remarkable new volume

Chronicling one of the most important numismatic periods in the history of India.


Only available in the UK from Baldwin's