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Windsor, William Campion Halfpenny, 1669

Great Britain, Berkshire, Windsor, William Campion, Copper...

Item Reference: JG54484

Price £30

Essex, Richard James Farthing, 1666

Great Britain, Essex, Chelmsford, Richard James, Copper...

Item Reference: Z54477

Price £75

Essex, John Vandewall Farthing, 1652

Great Britain, Essex, Harwich, John Vandewall, Brass...

Item Reference: Z54465

Price £45

Kent, Joseph MacKrith Token c.1665

Great Britain, Kent, Margate, Joseph MacKrith, Copper...

Item Reference: EG40912

Price £72

Kent, Queen Bohemia Token, c.1670

Great Britain, Kent, Rochester, Edward Shelley, Copper...

Item Reference: Z48391

Price £34

Horncastle, Candle-maker Token, c.1670

Great Britain, Lincolnshire, Horncastle, Richard Cater...

Item Reference: DG36520

Price £155

The Sun Inn Token, c.1670

Great Britain, Warwickshire, Coventry, Samuel Peisley at...

Item Reference: DG35384

Price £65

Yorkshire, Mariner Token, c.1665, scarce

Great Britain, Yorkshire, Bridlington, Barthol Anderson...

Item Reference: FG43653

Price £300

George III, Eighteenpence 1811 1st type

George III (1760-1820), Eighteenpence Bank Token, 1811...

Item Reference: JG54013

Price £400

Rare Proof 18Pence Silver Bank Token

George III (1760-1820), Proof silver Eighteenpence Bank...

Item Reference: KM58520

Price £1,250

1812 Eighteenpence Bank Token

George III (1760-1820), Eighteenpence Bank Token, 1812,...

Item Reference: BG23027

Price £150

Three-Shilling Bank Token, 1813

George III (1760-1820), Three-Shilling Bank Token, 1813,...

Item Reference: JG56041

Price £250

George III, Eighteenpence 1816 2nd type

George III (1760-1820), Eighteenpence Bank Token, 1816,...

Item Reference: JG54010

Price £225

Vauxhall Garden Ticket 1828, scarce

Great Britain, London, Silver Ticket or Pass issued by...

Item Reference: BM85

Price £800

Now only £725

Australia, Tea Merchants, Halfpenny,

Australia, Victoria, Stawell, Crothers & Co (tea merchant...

Item Reference: FG45950

Price £185

Ceylon, Plantation Tokens, St Sebastian

Ceylon, Plantation Tokens, St Sebastian Mills; C, B & A...

Item Reference: Z64851

Price £270

New-Zealand, Kirkcaldie & Stains

New Zealand, Kirkcaldie & Stains, Wellington, copper Penny...

Item Reference: Z60561

Price £50

New-Zealand, United Services Hotel

New Zealand, United Services Hotel, Auckland,...

Item Reference: Z60559

Price £200

Covent Garden, Porters Arm Badge

Great Britain, London, Covent Garden, Oval Silver-plated...

Item Reference: BG13306

Price £175

Australia, Davies, Alxander & Co

Australia, Davies, Alexander & Co., Goulburn, New South...

Item Reference: Z60557

Price £45

Australia, Crothers & Co Token, c.1862

Australia, Victoria, Stawell, Crothers & Co (tea merchant...

Item Reference: FG45949

Price £545

Mrs Fisher, Advertising Token 1857

Australia, Victoria, South Yarra, Prahan, Mrs Fisher...

Item Reference: FG46114

Price £385

Eaglehawk, Penny Token, c.1858

Australia, Victoria, Eaglehawk, John Williams and George...

Item Reference: FG45930

Price £495

Australia, Bullion Dealers Token, c.1855

Australia, Joseph Lane & Son (based at 3 Great Charles...

Item Reference: FM45931

Price £1,125

Aylesbury, Ventriloquist Token, RRR

Great Britain, Buckinghamshire, Aylesbury, Skidmore...

Item Reference: KG59205

Price £1,250

St Albans, Denton Halfpenny Token, 1796

Great Britain, Hertfordshire, St Albans, Matthew Denton...

Item Reference: JG56776

Price £315

London, Milton WM Penny Token, 1800, RR

Great Britain, Middlesex (London), John Milton (1759-1805,...

Item Reference: LM63416

Price £995

London, St Barts Hospital, WM Penny RRRR

Great Britain, Middlesex (London), John Ottley (medalist...

Item Reference: LG63684

Price £315

London, Foundling Hosp., WM Penny, RRRR

Great Britain, Middlesex (London), John Ottley (medalist...

Item Reference: LG63685

Price £345

London, Bank England Token, 1797

Great Britain, Middlesex, Copper London Penny Token, 1797,...

Item Reference: EG41604

Price £235

London, Revolution Penny Token, c.1795

Great Britain, Middlesex (London), Skidmore (established by...

Item Reference: JG56792

Price £285

London, Charles James, WM Penny Token

Great Britain, Middlesex (London), National Series, Charles...

Item Reference: LG63675

Price £155

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