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Selected Highlights from the Bentley Collection

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George III (1760-1820)

Gold Sovereign, 1819, from Royal Mint London, designed and engraved by Benedetto Pistrucci, laureate head of King right, coarse hair, date below, legend surrounding “GEORGIUS III D: G: BRITANNIAR: REX F: D:” descending colon after BRITANNIAR: rev. struck with inverted die axis, St George slaying dragon right with broken lance, groundline with BP incuse to left, all within horizontally ruled garter with buckle, W W P incuse on sides of buckle, the initials of William Wellesley Pole, Master of the Mint, garter motto reads “HONI . SOIT . QUI . MAL . Y . PENSE .” edge, milled.

The finest known specimen in private hands of this, the greatest rarity in the London Sovereign Series, all other specimens known are far inferior to this and hence it is valued currently at a six-figure sum.

To be offered in part three 8 May 2013

Coin Image

George V (1910-36)

Gold Sovereign, 1920 S, Sydney Mint, obverse bust engraved by Edgar Bertram MacKennal, bare head left, B.M. on truncation, toothed border both sides, “GEORGIVS V D. G. BRITT: OMN: REX F. D. IND: IMP:” rev. struck en medaille, engraved after Benedetto Pistrucci, St George slaying dragon with sword, horse with long tail, broken lance on groundline to left, WWP in relief under lance, S for Sydney in relief on groundline at centre, date in exergue, tiny B.P. to upper right, edge milled.

The greatest rarity in the Colonial Gold Sovereign Series, most specimens are housed in institutions and this represents an extremely rare opportunity to acquire a piece of numismatic history of the utmost importance.

Sold in part two on 27 September 2012 for £780,000