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Coins of England 2019

[Spink & Son] Coins of England 2019. 54th Edition. Spin ...
Item Reference: BKS2060
Price £30.00

Germany, Prussia, Wilhelm II, Unofficial Pattern 5 Marks, 1913

Germany, Prussia, Wilhelm II (1888-1918), unofficial pa ...
Item Reference: C189015961
Price £175.00

Germany, Copper Unofficial Pattern 25 Pfennig, 1908

Germany, copper unofficial pattern 25 pfennig, 1908, by ...
Item Reference: C189015572
Price £125.00

Germany, Frankfurt, Copper Heller, 1818

Germany, Frankfurt, city, copper heller, 1818 GB (KM. ...
Item Reference: C189015966
Price £70.00

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