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Tranquillina, Silver Drachm

Tranquillina (Wife of Gordian III) AR Drachm 3.72g., Ca ...
Item Reference: HG50863
Price £600.00

George III, Half-Guinea, 1781

George III (1760-1820), Half-Guinea, 1781, fourth laure ...
Item Reference: NM66117
Price £995.00

George III, Proof Halfpenny, 1806

George III (1760-1820), Proof Halfpenny, 1806, in bronz ...
Item Reference: Z66421
Price £300.00

Kings of Paeonia, Patraos, Silver Tetradrachm

Kings of Paeonia, Patraos (c. 340-315 BC) AR Tetradrach ...
Item Reference: Z3784
Price £245.00


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