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Dyme, Silver Hemidrachm

The Achaean League, Dyme (Early 1st Century BC) Silver ...
Item Reference: Z66336
Price £185.00

Lokris, Lokri Opuntii, Silver Quarter Stater

The Greek Mainland, Lokris, Lokri Opuntii (c.396-338 BC ...
Item Reference: Z66337
Price £90.00

Sicily, Syracuse, Hieron II, Bronze Unit

Sicily, Syracuse, Hieron II (275-215 BC) Bronze Unit. O ...
Item Reference: Z66338
Price £50.00

Calabria, Tarentum,Silver ¾ Obol.

Calabria, Tarentum (c. 325-280 BC)Silver ¾ Obol.Obvers ...
Item Reference: Z66339
Price £50.00


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