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Tibet, under China, Chia Ching, Silver 1 Sho

Tibet, under China, Chia Ching (1795-1820), silver 1 sh ...
Item Reference: C189015590
Price £200.00

Tibet, Silver 3 Srang, 1933

Tibet, silver 3 srang, BE 16-7 (1933 AD), 8 tails (LM. ...
Item Reference: C189015591
Price £75.00

Korea, Silver 20 Chon, 1905

Korea, silver 20 Chon, yr 9 (1905). (KM. 1128). Extreme ...
Item Reference: C189015559
Price £95.00

China, Republic, Sun Yat Sen, Silver ‘Memento’ Dollar, 1927

China, Republic, Sun Yat Sen, silver ‘Memento’ Doll ...
Item Reference: C189015555
Price £250.00

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