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The Corieltauvi, Uninscribed Coinage, Gold Stater

The Corieltauvi, Uninscribed Coinage (c. 1st Century BC ...
Item Reference: CC015
Price £1,150.00

Athens, Silver Tetradrachm

Attica, Athens (c. 420-405 BC) AR Tetradrachm 17.20gm. ...
Item Reference: CC005
Price £1,250.00

Chalkidian League, Silver Tetrobol

Macedon, Chalkidian League (c.382-379 BC) AR Tetrobol 2 ...
Item Reference: JG53912
Price £500.00

Harold I, Penny

Harold I (1035-1040) Penny, Lincoln, Moneyer Matathan. ...
Item Reference: Z66604
Price £850.00


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