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Henry VI, First reign, Gold Noble

Henry VI (1422-1461), First reign. Gold Noble, annulet ...
Item Reference: NM65921
Price £6,950.00

Kingdom of Epirus, Pyrrhus, Silver Octobol

Kingdom of Epirus, Pyrrhus (306-272 BC) AR Octobol 5.52 ...
Item Reference: JG54734
Price £600.00

Elizabeth II Maundy Set, 1953 First Issue

Elizabeth II (1952-), Maundy set, 1953 first issue, bar ...
Item Reference: MM65231
Price £1,050.00

James I, Gold Laurel, Third Coinage

James I (1619-25). Gold Laurel. Third Coinage. m.m. spu ...
Item Reference: MM65737
Price £2,950.00


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