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Ostrogoths, Municipal coinage of Rome, AE Follis

Ostrogoths, Municipal coinage of Rome (c. AD 537-530) A ...
Item Reference: FG45878
Price £550.00

Arcadius, Silver Siliqua

Arcadius (AD 383-408) AR Siliqua 1.27g., Milan AD 393-3 ...
Item Reference: Z66242
Price £80.00

Fausta (Wife of Constantine I), AE Follis

Fausta (Wife of Constantine I) AE Follis 2.40g., Ticinu ...
Item Reference: Z66238
Price £250.00

Constantine I, AE Follis

Constantine I (AD 307-337) AE Follis 4.96g., Trier AD 3 ...
Item Reference: HG51494
Price £450.00


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