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Richard II, Silver Hardi D’argent

Richard II (1377-1399), Silver Hardi D’argent,...

Item Reference: LG61757

Price £250

Henry II, Silver Denier

Henry II (1152-1168), Silver Denier, Aquitaine, cross...

Item Reference: KG58499

Price £125

France, 2 Sols, 1792

France Republic, Pattern 2 Sols 1792 SP64 ,Maz-332....

Item Reference: Z64403

Price £140

Edward II, Silver Maille Blanche

Edward II (1307-1327), Silver Maille Blanche Hibernie,...

Item Reference: LG61646

Price £350

France, Napoleon III, Gold 100 Francs,

France, Napoleon III, Gold 100 Francs, 1857 A, Paris (Gad....

Item Reference: FI45333

Price £1,250

Edward I, Anglo Gallic Denier Au Lion

Edward I during lifetime of Henry III (from 1252), Denier...

Item Reference: HG52523

Price £150

France, Philippe VI, Copper Piedfort

France, Philippe VI (1328-50), copper piedfort Double...

Item Reference: Z66187

Price £850

Edward the Black Prince Demis-Gros

Edward the Black Prince (d.1376), Demi-Gros, second issue,...

Item Reference: HG52529

Price £275

France, Charles VII, Silver Gros de Roi

France, Charles VII (1422-61), silver Gros de Roi, second...

Item Reference: Z66188

Price £325

Henry IV-VI, Hardi D'Argent

Henry IV – Henry VI (1399-1427), silver Hardi D’argent,...

Item Reference: Z57862

Price £275

France, Lorraine, Charles III, Billon

France, Lorraine, Charles III (1545-1608), billon double...

Item Reference: N209

Price £75

France, Anne d’Escards de Givry,

France, Lorraine, Metz (bishopric), Anne d’Escards de...

Item Reference: Z66579

Price £750

Louis XIV ½ Ecu de Flandre, 1695

France, Louis XIV (1643-1715), ½ Ecu de Flandre...

Item Reference: Z34573

Price £675

France, Louis XIV, Silver 1/12 Écu,

France, Louis XIV (1643-1715), silver 1/12 Écu, 1660 D...

Item Reference: Z66712

Price £60

France, Metz, Gold Gulden

France, Metz, city, gold Gulden, undated (probably early...

Item Reference: Z66186

Price £375

Pondichéry, Louis XV, Silver Fanon

<strong>Pondichéry,</strong> Louis XV (1715-74), silver...

Item Reference: Z65965

Price £50

France, Louis XIV, Silver Écu aux

France, Louis XIV (1643-1716), silver Écu aux trois...

Item Reference: C189012861

Price £585

France, 5-Centimes An 5 Strasbourg mint

France, Directoire (1795-99), bronze 5-Centimes, An 5-BB...

Item Reference: Z59850

Price £50

Near Mint State French Centime 1850

France, Second Republic (1848-52), copper 1-Centime, 1850 A...

Item Reference: Z54841

Price £200

Good Extremely Fine 20-Centimes 1850

France, Second Republic (1848-52), silver 20-Centimes, 1850...

Item Reference: Z60726

Price £85

Toned Extremely Fine 50-Centimes 1851

France, Second Republic (1848-52), silver 50-Centimes, 1851...

Item Reference: Z60725

Price £145

France, Napoleon III, Silver 50

France, Napoleon III (1852-70), silver 50 Centimes, 1866 BB...

Item Reference: Z66711

Price £40

France, SEDAN Countermark on 5-FRS

France, Second Republic (1848-52), silver 5-Francs, 1852 A...

Item Reference: Z59520

Price £120

France, Bronze 10-Centimes, 1921

France, Third Republic (1871-1940), Bronze 10-Centimes,...

Item Reference: BG23935

Price £80

Toned Extremely Fine 50-Centimes 1872

France, Third Republic (1871-1940), silver 50-Centimes,...

Item Reference: Z60724

Price £85

Scarce Indo-China 20-Cents 1928

French Indo-China, silver 20-Cents, 1928A, Liberty seated,...

Item Reference: Z61795

Price £80

Scarce Indo-China 20-Cents 1929

French Indo-China, silver 20-Cents, 1929A, Liberty seated,...

Item Reference: Z61796

Price £65

Rare "Four Tail Feathers" 20-Frs 1950

France, Fourth Republic (1947-59), cupro-aluminium...

Item Reference: Z60727

Price £225

France, Richard I, Silver Denier

France, Duchy of Normandy, Richard I the Fearless...

Item Reference: JG56192

Price £250

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