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Danish India, Tranquebar, Frederik VI,

Danish India, Tranquebar, Frederik VI (1808-39), copper 4...

Item Reference: Z65253

Price £125

India, Bindraban, Victoria, Silver ¼

India, Bindraban, Victoria, silver ¼ rupee, ND (1858-67 /...

Item Reference: C189016215

Price £60

India, Bundi, Victoria, Silver Rupee

India, Bundi, Victoria, silver rupee, 1874 / VS 1931 (KM....

Item Reference: C189016208

Price £45

India, Bundi, Edward VII, Silver Rupee,

India, Bundi, Edward VII, silver rupee, 1901 / VS 1958 (KM....

Item Reference: C189016210

Price £60

India, Bundi, Edward VII, Silver Rupee

India, Bundi, Edward VII, silver rupee, 1909 / VS 1966 (KM....

Item Reference: C189016212

Price £40

India, Bundi, George V, Silver Rupee

India, Bundi, George V, silver rupee, 1923-32 / VS 198x...

Item Reference: C189016213

Price £25

Bengal, Ghiyath al-Din Bahadur Shah.

Sultans of Bengal, Ghiyath al-Din Bahadur Shah (AH 720-724...

Item Reference: BG16041

Price £75

Bengal, Shihab al-Din Bayazid.

Sultans of Bengal, Shihab al-Din Bayazid (AH 815-817 /...

Item Reference: BG16128

Price £70

Bhopal, composite silver type set.

Bhopal, composite silver type set, Rupee to 1/8-Rupee,...

Item Reference: JG55547

Price £95

French India, Mahé, Pondichéry,

French India, Mahé, Pondichéry, silver fanon (1/5 rupee),...

Item Reference: Z64979

Price £65

India, Candras Harikela, Silver

India, Candras of Harikela (9th-11th centuries), silver...

Item Reference: Z64895

Price £250

Indore, composite type set.

India, Princely States and Independent Kingdoms, Indore,...

Item Reference: JG55553

Price £225

India, Bombay Presidency, Silver ½

India, Bombay Presidency, silver ½ rupee, ND, in name of...

Item Reference: Z64977

Price £85

Queen Victoria, Empress India.

Hardstone cameo portrait of the Empress of India bust for...

Item Reference: HG50895

Price £100

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