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Colonies - General

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Portuguese Malacca, Tin Bastardo, first

<p><strong>Portuguese Malacca,</strong> Manuel I...

Item Reference: Z64399

Price £650

Dutch India, Stuiver, 1695

<p><strong>Dutch India</strong>, copper Stuiver, ND 1695,...

Item Reference: Z64394

Price £80

Portuguese Malacca, Tin Bastardo, 1551

<p><strong>Portuguese Malacca</strong>, Dom Sebastiano...

Item Reference: Z64400

Price £450

Ceylon, VOC, 2 Stuivers, 1789

<p><strong>Ceylon</strong>, VOC, 2 Stuivers, 1789-O, Galle...

Item Reference: Z64395

Price £120

Portuguese India, Rupia, 1786

<p><strong>Portuguese India</strong>, Maria I and Pedro...

Item Reference: Z39268

Price £200

Portuguese India, 1/2-Tanga, Malacca

Portuguese India, Filipe III (1621-40), silver ½-Tanga,...

Item Reference: Z58396

Price £175

Penang, East India Company, Copper Half

<p><strong>Penang (Prince of Wales Island)</strong>, East...

Item Reference: Z64762

Price £75

Rare Sumatra EIC gilt Proof 2-Kepings

Sumatra, EIC, gilt Proof 2-Kepings, 1787 AD/ 1202 AH,...

Item Reference: JM56470

Price £900

Silver 8-Reales 1809 from Santiago Mint

Chile. Ferdinand VII King of Spain (1808-1833), Silver...

Item Reference: EM40145

Price £3,300

Colombia, Nearly EF 8-Escudos 1813-JF

Colombia, Fernando VII (1808-33), gold 8-Escudos, 1813 JF,...

Item Reference: KM58507

Price £1,700

Rare Peru 8-Reales, 1824 G over T

Peru, Fernando VII (1808-33), silver 8-Reales, 1824, G/T,...

Item Reference: KM58561

Price £1,650

Sumatra 1/2-Dollar Plantation Token

Netherlands East Indies, Sumatra, Asahan Tabakmaatschappy,...

Item Reference: Z58374

Price £125

Scarce Sapeque 1928

French Cochin-China, bronze Sapeque, 1879 A, country name,...

Item Reference: Z61794

Price £180

Indo-China 1-Cent 1894

French Indo-China, bronze 1-Cent, 1894 A, Liberty, rev...

Item Reference: Z61797

Price £50

Scarce Indo-China 20-Cents 1928

French Indo-China, silver 20-Cents, 1928A, Liberty seated,...

Item Reference: Z61795

Price £80

Scarce Indo-China 20-Cents 1929

French Indo-China, silver 20-Cents, 1929A, Liberty seated,...

Item Reference: Z61796

Price £65

Mombasa, Proof Pice 1888H

Mombasa, Imperial British East Africa Company, bronze Proof...

Item Reference: Z61575

Price £350

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