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Colonies - General

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Ceylon, VOC, 2 Stuivers, 1789

Ceylon, VOC, 2 Stuivers, 1789-O, Galle mint, 25.04g (KM...

Item Reference: Z64395

Price £120

Portuguese Malacca, Tin Bastardo, first

Portuguese Malacca, Manuel I (1495-1521), tin bastardo,...

Item Reference: Z64399

Price £650

Portuguese India, Rupia, 1786

Portuguese India, Maria I and Pedro III, Queen and King of...

Item Reference: Z39268

Price £200

Indonesia, Dutch East Indies, Half

Indonesia, Dutch East Indies, Batavian Issue emergency...

Item Reference: Z64401

Price £80

Penang, East India Company, Copper Half

Penang (Prince of Wales Island), East India Company, copper...

Item Reference: Z64762

Price £75

Danish India, Tranquebar, Christian

Danish India, Tranquebar, Christian VII (1766-1808), copper...

Item Reference: Z65247

Price £75

Sumatra 1/2-Dollar Plantation Token

Netherlands East Indies, Sumatra, Asahan Tabakmaatschappy,...

Item Reference: Z58374

Price £125

Indo-China 1-Cent 1894

French Indo-China, bronze 1-Cent, 1894 A, Liberty, rev...

Item Reference: Z61797

Price £50

German East Africa, Wilhelm II, Silver

German East Africa, Wilhelm II (1888-1918), silver Rupie,...

Item Reference: Z64599

Price £350

Scarce Indo-China 20-Cents 1928

French Indo-China, silver 20-Cents, 1928A, Liberty seated,...

Item Reference: Z61795

Price £80

Scarce Indo-China 20-Cents 1929

French Indo-China, silver 20-Cents, 1929A, Liberty seated,...

Item Reference: Z61796

Price £65

Mombasa, Proof Pice 1888H

Mombasa, Imperial British East Africa Company, bronze Proof...

Item Reference: Z61575

Price £350

French India, Pondichéry, Louis XV,

French India, Pondichéry, Louis XV (1715-74) copper cache,...

Item Reference: Z65246

Price £35

Straits Settlements, Victoria, Copper

Straits Settlements, Victoria (1837-1901), E.I.C., copper...

Item Reference: Z65011

Price £55

Straits Settlements, Victoria, Copper

Straits Settlements, Victoria (1837-1901), copper ½ Cent,...

Item Reference: Z65202

Price £125

Netherlands East Indies, Nickel Token

Netherlands East Indies, Silau, Asahan Tabak Maatschappy,...

Item Reference: Z64760

Price £75

French India, Mahé, Pondichéry,

French India, Mahé, Pondichéry, silver fanon (1/5 rupee),...

Item Reference: Z64979

Price £65

Angola, Portuguese Africa, Maria I &

Angola, Portuguese Africa, Maria I & Pedro III (1777-1786),...

Item Reference: Z44212

Price £220

Angola, Portuguese Africa, Jose I, 12

Angola, Portuguese Africa, Jose I (1750-1777), 12 Macutas,...

Item Reference: Z44205

Price £1,500

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