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Great Britain - Copper and Bronze

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George I, Copper Farthing, 1721

George I, Copper Farthing, 1721, 1 struck over 0, second...

Item Reference: EG42006

Price £175

Victoria, Copper Half-Farthing, 1839

Victoria, Copper Half-Farthing, 1839, young head left, rev...

Item Reference: Z63087

Price £125

Ireland, James II, Gunmoney Shilling,

James II, Gunmoney Shilling, small size, May 1690, laureate...

Item Reference: Z63226

Price £200

Victoria, Bronze Penny, 1874H

Victoria, Bronze Penny, 1874H, Heaton mint, wide date,...

Item Reference: DG34893

Price £225

George III, Copper Halfpenny, 1806

George III, Copper Halfpenny, 1806, small laureate and...

Item Reference: KG60685

Price £95

Victoria, Farthing, 1850

Victoria, Farthing, 1850, 5 struck over 4, young head left,...

Item Reference: Z60318

Price £350

Scotland, Deanston Cotton Mill,

Deanston Cotton Mill, Deanston, Perthshire, annular...

Item Reference: LG62400

Price £450

William III, Copper Halfpenny, 1697

William III, Copper Halfpenny, 1697, first issue, laureate...

Item Reference: Z62953

Price £125

William III, Copper Halfpenny, 1699

William III, Copper Halfpenny, 1699, no stop after date,...

Item Reference: FG42801

Price £165

George III, Copper Farthing, 1773

George III (1760-1820), Copper Farthing, 1773, first...

Item Reference: AG850

Price £300

Victoria, Copper Half-Farthing, 1844

Victoria, Copper Half-Farthing, 1844, young head left, rev...

Item Reference: Z63093

Price £100

Ireland, William & Mary, Copper

William & Mary (1688-1694), Copper Halfpenny, 1694,...

Item Reference: Z63230

Price £45

Victoria, Bronze Penny, 1890

Victoria, Bronze Penny, 1890, laureate ‘bun’ type bust,...

Item Reference: EG40563

Price £150

George IV, Copper Halfpenny, 1827

George IV, Copper Halfpenny, 1827, laureate head left, date...

Item Reference: DG35847

Price £150

Victoria, Farthing, 1858

Victoria, Farthing, 1858, young head left, WW raised on...

Item Reference: Z63026

Price £75

Scotland, Mrs Somervills, Down, Doune,

Mrs Somervills, Down, Doune, Perthshire, annular...

Item Reference: Z62774

Price £250

George III, Copper Twopence, 1797

George III (1760-1820), Copper Twopence, 1797, laureate and...

Item Reference: EG37341

Price £325

Victoria, Copper Penny, 1858

Victoria, Copper Penny, 1858, ornamental trident, young...

Item Reference: Z62928

Price £250

William III Copper Pattern Halfpenny,

William III Copper Pattern Halfpenny, Type 3, Double...

Item Reference: LM61332

Price £2,750

George IV, Copper Farthing, 1822

George IV, Copper Farthing, 1822, first laureate and draped...

Item Reference: Z62995

Price £150

Victoria, Bronze Penny, 1862, ‘bun’

Victoria, Bronze Penny, 1862, ‘bun’ style laureate head...

Item Reference: CG27278

Price £75

George IV, Copper Third-Farthing, 1827

George IV, Copper Third-Farthing, 1827, bare head left,...

Item Reference: Z63100

Price £300

Ireland, George IV, Copper Halfpenny,

George IV, Copper Halfpenny, 1822, laureate and draped bust...

Item Reference: Z63255

Price £125

Victoria, Bronze Penny, 1893

Victoria, Bronze Penny, 1893, laureate ‘bun’ type bust,...

Item Reference: AG1197

Price £150

Victoria, Bronze Halfpenny, 1860BB

Victoria, Bronze Halfpenny, 1860BB, young laureate bust...

Item Reference: Z62968

Price £150

Victoria, Farthing, bronze issue, 1860

Victoria, Farthing, bronze issue, 1860 BB, laureate...

Item Reference: AG1122

Price £35

Scotland, Rothsay Mills, Isle Bute,

Rothsay Mills, Isle of Bute, annular countermark on a regal...

Item Reference: LG62407

Price £450

Victoria, Bronze Penny, 1860

Victoria, Bronze Penny, 1860, N over Z in ONE on reverse,...

Item Reference: EG40554

Price £750

George I, "Dump" issue Copper

George I, "Dump" issue Copper Halfpenny, 1723, second...

Item Reference: KM61133

Price £850

William IV, Copper Farthing, 1834

William IV, Copper Farthing, 1834, bare head right, date...

Item Reference: Z63001

Price £85

William IV, Copper Third-Farthing, 1835

William IV, Copper Third-Farthing, 1835, bare head right,...

Item Reference: Z63105

Price £175

Edward VII, Bronze Penny, 1902

Edward VII, Bronze Penny, 1902, bare head right, rev ...

Item Reference: Z62940

Price £225

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